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15 Applications for Refined Salt that you did not know

The cheapest salt, and most frequently used, was refined salt, but… it is very harmful to health.

Being a highly valued condiment in ancient times, salt survived battles and wars in the oldest civilizations and even served as a currency of exchange. But if centuries ago salt had the power to enrich empires, today anyone has a salt shaker at their disposal.


In our grandmother’s day there was no refrigerator and salt was a precious commodity for preserving food. The cheapest salt, and most frequently used, was refined salt, but… it is very harmful to health.

Currently salt continues to be essential to our diet, but we must opt ​​for whole salt, such as Himalayan salt.


In this article we will show you some of the applications of salt in our daily lives. Many people are not aware that salt is beneficial for health, when used correctly.


As Himalayan salt is more expensive than common salt, we will show you some applications of refined salt that you are unaware of:

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  1. Brighten metal parts: mix vinegar, wheat flour and salt. Then just apply it to the metal part.


  1. Cleaning iron pots: prepare a dough with oil and salt and apply in the pot while it is still hot. For best results, place the pot on the fire with a little oil and when it is hot add the salt. Remove dirt with the oil and salt preparation, and wash normally with plenty of water.


  1. Remove broken eggs from the floor: this problem is easy to solve. Simply put salt on the white and the yolk that are on the floor, and you will easily be able to remove them.


  1. Clean pots with grease: clean the pot with salt and a piece of paper. Then rinse in water.


  1. Clean burnt pots: put a layer of salt in the bottom of the pot and add a little water. Mix the salt with the water and wash the pot with constant water.


  1. Washing a sponge: Dishwashing sponges are left with residue, but now the problem has a solution. It is enough to mix water and salt in a container and submerge the sponge.


  1. Remove recently spilled liquids on the carpet: salt the area of ​​the stain and allow it to dry. With the help of the vacuum cleaner remove the rest of the salt.


  1. Remove old liquid stains from carpet: Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and ¼ cup of salt. Place on stain and allow to dry.


  1. Unclog sink: Does the sink get clogged frequently? Then put enough down the drain and then add boiling water. Cover the drain with a cloth to apply pressure. You will hear a noise in the spout to indicate that the clog is being attacked by the solution.


  1. Eliminate foot odor: after washing your feet, massage them with vinegar and salt. Goodbye to the smell!


  1. Eliminate the smell of food: the secret here is in the salt and cinnamon. Misture the two seasonings. Turn the oven on for a few minutes and when it is hot, turn it off. Distribute the mixture that I just made throughout the oven and when it cools remove the stains with a damp cloth.


  1. Prevent the spread of the dengue mosquito: in places where these mosquitoes like to roam freely, add enough salt. Goodbye dengue mosquito, zika and chikungunya.


  1. Eliminate mold stains: prepare a mass of lemon juice and salt. Place the mixture on stained clothing and leave it in the sun until it dries. Then wash the clothes normally.


  1. Rinse the sheets: yellow sheets? We are going to put an end to this problem. Mistle baking soda with five tablespoons of salt. Place the mixture in a large pot, fill it with water and bring it to the fire. Submerge the sheets and simmer for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat and wash the sheets with constant water.


  1. Remove stains from cups: Coffee or tea leaves stains on your cups, but now you can rinse and remove stains, using salt. Just rub them with salt and they will be white again.