2022-6 Questions by Andrew Levine of Cointelegraph’s Koinos Group

6 Questions by Andrew Levine from Koinos

This week deals with our six questions Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Group, which is focused on accelerating the transition to a more decentralized future by helping project developers, entrepreneurs and companies build blockchain-based solutions.

Andrew is leading a team of industry veterans accelerating decentralization through accessible blockchain technology. Their founding product is Koinos, a royalty-free blockchain with infinite upgradeability and consensus Proof of Burn.

1 What Kind of Consolidation Can You Expect in the Crypto Industry in 2022?

2 If the world gets a new currency, will it be led by digital central bank currencies, an unlicensed blockchain like Diem, or a licensed chain like Diem?

3 Do you support the idea of ​​bitcoin as a means of payment, or a store of value, or both… or not?

4 Does It Matter If We Find Out Who Satoshi Is Or Really Was? Why and why not?

5 Do you think governments will try to kill cryptocurrencies?

6 If you don’t need to sleep, what will you do with the extra time?

A wish for the young, up-and-coming blockchain community:

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