The Funky Cat, the Kia e-Niro ambulance, the all-electric project Thunderball Roadster, and the first ever true full-speed electric car — there’s so much fun electric car news to share today that goes way beyond what we’ve written about ourselves. Scroll to see more.

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6000 Funky Cat registrations to be launched on the UK market in Autumn 2022

ORA UK is pleased to announce pricing and specs details for the highly anticipated Funky Cat model, set to be launched in the UK later this year as a ‘First Edition’ range. The announcement follows the brand’s hugely successful public debut in the UK at Fully Charged Live in April.

“A car can travel up to 282 miles on a full charge and our NEPTS cars average 90 miles a day, which means a single charge should last a day without the need for a recharge.”

“ORA UK has already registered over 6000 potential customers for Funky Cat, with sales due to start this fall. Customers can expect the first deliveries shortly.

The all-electric Wiesmann roadster “Project Thunderball” raises €700,000 for amfAR at its first public presentation at a first-class gala in Cannes

“One of the first prototypes of Wiesmann’s long-awaited all-electric ‘Project Thunderball’ hit the hammer last night at the prestigious amfAR gala in Cannes, raising €700,000 to support amfAR’s important work in research and raising awareness about the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

The ceremony, which took place at the world-famous Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc, marked the public debut of the world’s first all-electric Wiesmann car, meticulously handcrafted at the company’s ‘Gecko’ plant, a stunning state-of-the-art facility in Dülmen, Germany. Guests at the star-studded event enjoyed performances by Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin and Charlie XCX, as well as a fashion show curated by Karen Roitfeld.”

Rohen Berry, owner and manager of Wiesmann, comments: “AmfAR is doing important work in the fight against HIV and AIDS and we are pleased to support this cause by participating in this very prestigious event. Cote d’Azur could not be a better backdrop for introducing Project Thunderball to the metal. For the first time and through the generosity of a winner tonight, we are delighted to be able to contribute much-needed funds to put amfAR to good use.”

“The world’s first all-electric roadster is made from advanced carbon fibre, weighs just over 1,700 kg (3,747 lbs) and has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.5 kg per horsepower, delivering impressive agility and control that is more than worth it.”

“Project Thunderball’s target range is 500 kilometres, thanks to its modern, high-voltage 800-volt design that delivers a maximum battery capacity of 92 kWh (83 kWh available) – uniquely high for a roadster. Powered by a dual rear, center-wheel electric motor that delivers up to 500 kW (680 hp) to the rear wheels and 1100 Nm of torque, resulting in impressive straight-line performance and targeted acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) Time 2, 9 brings seconds to flight An unparalleled delight that never tires its owner.

Project Thunderball can now be ordered with prices starting at €300,000.

A new chapter begins when electric MOKE hits the streets in summer

MOKE International is pleased to announce the first deliveries of an all-new electric MOKE, manufactured in the UK and ready for a great summer of outdoor driving.

“The first full-speed electric MOKE cars rolled off the UK production line last week and are ready for delivery to UK customers in the great British summer.

Announced an exclusive partnership with Beaverbrook, the famous English country estate.

“Experience the emotional classic MOKE driving with the unmatched enjoyment, performance and environmental benefits of all-electric drive.”

Robin Kennedy, Commercial Director of MOKE International: “MOKE is all about country roads, beach trips, feeling the summer breeze in your hair and enjoying the ride rather than rushing from A to B. We took the original Mini Moke, created by Sir Alec Isigonis, and reimagined it for a world Today – and tomorrow’s world – as an all-electric car. Recently, everyone from Kate Moss to George Russell has championed gas-powered MOKE appliances. Our team has been working tirelessly for three years to design and manufacture a sustainable and worthy successor using the latest technology. Electric MOKE Made in the UK Now ready to inspire and delight a new generation.”

Ambulance service in the East Midlands has gone green with the Kia e Niro

“The East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS) has replaced all of Derbyshire’s Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) vehicles with an all-electric Kia e-Niro. The move will reduce the Trust’s emissions by 96 tonnes of CO2-equivalent ( tCO2D) per year.

EMAS began searching for a suitable electric vehicle for NEPTS service in Derbyshire nearly three years ago. The Trust tested a variety of different vehicles before finally deciding to use the Kia e-Niro. EMAS has now acquired over 16 Kia’s best-selling electric vehicles for patients in Derbyshire who require medical or clinical assistance to get to and from their doctor’s appointments.”

Casa 500 receives the new “FIATcafé500”

‘Fiat 500 is a symbol Dolce VitaBut there can be nothing Dolce Vita “Without loyalty, cooperation and enjoyment of beautiful, unique and exceptional places that have made and continue to make history,” says Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT and Global CMO for Stellantis. For this reason, the Casa 500 Museum, looking to the future of the brand while strengthening its roots, has evolved into the new ‘FIATCafé500’, a place that welcomes people who visit the Casa 500 Museum to discover the brand and discover a vision of sustainable, responsible and electric mobility. From its windows we can look at The exclusive La Pista 500, where the public can walk through landscapes surrounded by art and test drive the new 500, a symbol of joy, glamour, and Italian and Italian design. Dolce Vita. “

Fiat Cafe 500

Volkswagen reveals an identity inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi. Buzz Vehicles in Star Wars Celebration

electric car charging

3ti Papilio3 – Pop-up Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

“The world’s first small pop-up solar car park and charging point for electric vehicles, which can be deployed in just 24 hours, was unveiled today in Surrey Research Park, Guildford. Papilio3 was developed by 3ti, the UK’s leading designer, installer, financier and operator. for solar car parks (SCPs), and it addresses the UK’s need to improve electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure ahead of the government’s proposed ban on sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles for expansion in 2030. The device is built around a recycled shipping container and can support up to 12 fast charging points for electric vehicles. The solar and battery charging system improves the charging speed and reduces the carbon dioxide intensity of the electricity consumed. The Papilio 3 is available for rent from 3ti and thus does not require any capital investment from customers.”

3ti Papilio3 – Pop-up solar charging station for electric vehicles.

3ti Papilio3 – Pop-up solar charging station for electric vehicles.

3ti founder and CEO Tim Evans, who leads teams responsible for the UK’s two largest SCP companies at Bentley Motors, Crewe and JP Morgan, Bournemouth, explains. “If you live in an apartment, high-rise building, rented building, temporary residence or even a £10m porch house in Chelsea, you probably won’t be able to charge an electric car at home.”

electric buses

Canada’s BC Transit chooses Proterra’s high-performance electric charging technology to power its bus fleet

The award of the contract for the first ten electric buses is a significant and significant event that puts BC Transit on the path to replacing existing diesel buses with electric buses. As people look for ways to reduce emissions in their daily lives, electric buses continue to establish BC Transit as a proven solution,” said Erin Pinkerton, President and CEO of BC Transit.

ENC . Battery Electric Axle® The bus passed the BRTC test in Altoona

DDOT uses four electric buses as part of its green operating fee

Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies and American Battery Solutions collaborate on the SD1 long-range electric truck with a range of more than 500 miles

Together, the two companies will design, develop and test a battery system for the freight industry’s first clean battery electric truck.

Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT), the vehicle equipment company that has revolutionized the freight transportation industry, today announced the signing of a preliminary agreement with American Battery Solutions (ABS) to develop the battery system for the SD1, Solo AVT’s long-distance class 8 electric battery – Trucks with a range of more than 500 miles The SD1 is built from the ground up, featuring a full aerospace reserve system and the lowest drag coefficient of any Class 8 truck on the road, made possible by a complete redesign that eliminates the need to the presence of a human on board.”

City Transformer secures investments to change the way we interact with urban environments

City Transformer, the technology disrupter of electric vehicles from Israel, is accelerating the path to mass production of its first foldable small car, the CT-1, after completing its Series A financing.

The Tel Aviv-based startup is developing electric vehicle technologies and shared mobility services that will reinvent freedom of movement for those who live or work in our cities. The CT-1 is a small two-seater, four-wheeled electric vehicle that can drastically reduce our transportation and carbon emissions by changing its wheelbase to outrun traffic and stop like motorcycles in confined spaces. “


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