2022 – 71 more cases of monkeypox discovered in England | monkey pox

The British Health Agency said that 71 more cases of monkeypox had been discovered in England.

The latest cases, as of May 29, bring the total number of confirmed cases in England since May 7 to 172. There are currently four confirmed cases in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and one in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the UK to 179. .

Dr Ruth Melton, UKHSA’s Senior Medical Adviser, said: “We continue to work closely with colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure we are aligned in our approach to reducing the risk of monkeypox transmission in the UK.

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“We remind people to look for new spots, ulcers or pimples on any part of their body.

“If anyone suspects they may have these, particularly if they have recently had a new sexual partner, they should limit their contact with others and contact NHS 111 or their local sexual health service as soon as possible. However, please call ahead before attending. Personally.

This will help us reduce the transmission of the virus. “


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