2022 – A 133-year-old castle in central Denver is being marketed for $3.5 million – take a look

A 19th century castle in Denver is on the market for $3.5 million.

Denver architect Wilhelm Lange designed the castle in 1889, according to Immobilienmakler.com. Lang built the castle, which was fortified with 22-inch-thick lava rocks.

The current homeowners purchased the castle in 2019 for $1.58 million, Jennifer Black, Osage Realty’s listing agent, told Realtor.com. Black added that they bought it before COVID-19 and spent the pandemic renovating the entire house.

The current listing price is a 122.2% increase over Zilow’s 2019 retail price.

When asked to comment, direct listing agent Black Insider to the property listing for details.

The three-story castle is located in the heart of Denver on Rice Street.

View Google Map 1572 Race Street
The castle is located at the intersection of Race Street and 16th Avenue.

The castle is a five-minute drive from Capitol Hill, an area known for its art, culture, and history.

“We’re right in the middle,” Black said on the Castle video tour.

The castle is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.

castle lobby
Castle lobby.

The US National Register of Historic Places states on its website that a place must be “conservation worthy” to be listed.

According to the property’s website, the castle was once a popular bed and breakfast called Castle Marn Inn Old Houses. The Castle Marne Inn closed its doors in June 2020, via a post on the inn’s Facebook page.

The castle has a tower that extends over three floors.

Two chairs in a tower.
The tower overlooks the neighborhood.

Lang was known for his use of towers in his architectural design, Black said on the video tour, “The architect had an amazing ability to create these circular spaces with windows on all sides.”

The living room has a fireplace hand carved in England.

Living room
living area.

The green man was a feature Black loved in the fireplace – a face etched into the fireplace.

According to the castle listing, the green man symbolizes spring and rebirth in different cultures. Green man sculptures are commonly found in European churches and cathedrals.

The kitchen has a modern design.

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets

Black said the kitchen also comes with new appliances.

There is a peacock window in stained glass at one of the landings of the stairwell.

staircase with peacock window
Peacock window.

“The glass was made in Belgium just before the First World War,” Black said in the video. “This window is known in the neighborhood as one of those highlights that really symbolizes the castle.”

Denver stained glass artist Clarence Watkins created the stained window according to List. Watkins added gold to the glass to create pink and gold tones.

The castle has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and seven parking spaces.

bedroom with fireplace
The bedroom on the third floor is equipped with a fireplace.

Black said in the video that the bedrooms on the second floor are colored with blue and yellow rooms. Pictures of the bedrooms on the third floor show a more neutral color palette.

Black said that when Lang first built the castle, the third floor was used as a ballroom.

The master bathroom is spacious with separate dry and wet areas.

Bathroom with gray tiles
One of the spacious bathrooms.

Source: Usaj Real Estate