2022 – A far-right organization releases an online “heat map” that marks some Missouri schools as “hotspots” for “wake-up” activities.

A right-wing organization in Missouri has created a map to highlight and identify schools in the state that claim to be “hotspots” for “vigilance activism.”

  • A group in Missouri released a “heat map” that they claim shows the locations of “wake-up activity.”
  • The Hotspot map highlights specific schools and school districts in the state.
  • The group called on people to fight the “vigilance agenda” by reporting their own sites.

A conservative group in Missouri has released an online map highlighting what it believes are “hotspots” for “vigilance activity.”

The Liberty Coalition, which promotes itself as an organization “intent on opposing the Missouri-wide Woke agenda,” now hosts a “Hot Map” on its website with stated goals.

At the time of publication, the map included pins from 12 districts in Missouri that the organization has highlighted — all of which contain links to school or school district events. Several pins direct users to videos claiming that educational institutions in Missouri are promoting critical race theory.

“The resistance’s first step is to expose their outlandish ideas – from critical race theory to raising young children with sexually explicit books,” the Liberty Alliance wrote on its website. “That’s why we’ve officially launched Woke Heat Map – an interactive tool designed to uncover the crazy workings of the radical left.”

The organization added that the map “will warn Missouri residents of the madness in their communities.”

Critical Race Theory is an academic framework that investigates how America’s history of racism and discrimination continues to affect the country today. The CRT has also become a talking point for the Republican Party and a lucrative buzzword for right-wing fundraising.

The use of the word “awake” as a derogatory term has also been chosen by some far-right figures.

For example, former President Donald Trump’s media describe the planned streaming service as a “dumb alternative” to conservatives. Earlier this month, billionaire Elon Musk said he was getting into politics to prevent the “wake-up virus” from destroying civilization.

Spencer Boone, CEO of the Liberty Alliance, said in a statement Interview That initiative would help track down any “crazy action by a crazy leftist”.

The organization’s website also urges people to provide their own evidence of “awakened efforts” to “expose the radical left”. “Did something crazy happen in your community? We want to know,” reads the preamble to the organization’s application form.

The Liberty Alliance is currently incorporated as a social welfare association and is not considered a political organization. In August 2020, the Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint from the state Democratic Party, which claimed that the Freedom Coalition was acting like the PAC.

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