2022 – A Google Pixel 7 prototype appeared on eBay, but you can’t bid it anymore

There is never a dull moment for diehard Google fans who are eagerly awaiting the full announcements and commercial releases of the search giant’s comprehensive new internal hardware suite, such as: The Pixel Tablet was literally Just stressed to Third-party stylus support, and now the Pixel 7 highlights one of the strangest reasons we can think of.

This means that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro designs pretty much hold no secrets several months before their actual debut, which makes it no less surprising that the previous “Vanilla” model is already listed on eBay.

Wait what?!

That’s right, a rumored black Pixel 7 prototype with 128GB of internal storage and unlocked dual SIM support for “all carriers”. On sale soon for anyone willing to try Android 13 and “Pixel apps in development”.

While it’s totally impossible to tell how such a device ended up in such a place so early in its development process, we also have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the eBay listing (and predictably short-lived).

The seller has released a series of photos that very clearly show a device with a phone that includes all the official (and leaked) photos. Pixel 7 squares, from a flat screen reminds of last year Pixel 6 with an equally familiar-looking chin, an overhauled dual rear camera module, and a logo very similar to what Google usually uses to “disguise” its phone prototypes.

Unfortunately for these collectors, an eBay auction that started at a paltry $450 ended before anyone could bid one, which is a clear and not entirely surprising indication that someone is about to get into trouble because of this… The leak is unsurprising. ordinary.

But wait there is more

Rarely would it feel like seeing an undoubtedly incomplete prototype of a high-profile car Made by Google in a public place several months before it was released commercially, this is… an event eerily similar to this incredibly revealing (and downright random) event. Pixel Watch Leak a little over a month ago.

Of course, we highly doubt that a US restaurant was the starting point for this device as well, especially with another unreleased device making it a special cameo in one of the Pixel 7 photos attached to the now-deleted eBay listing.

Yes, that’s almost certainly the Pixel 7 Pro, reflected in the Pixel 7’s glass back, which means whoever took these shots isn’t one king, but two different Google phones at any given time, which should see the light of day later. from this year.

This should be some kind of record, and while there’s obviously no way to be sure for sure, something tells us that these prototypes will be making a comeback on the World Wide Web, possibly along with some specs and features to confirm current rumors and some key clues. to add spaces.