2022 – A New York man is charged with hate crimes after he threatened and yelled at a black lieutenant in a traffic accident, “You’ll never be white,” police say

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  • A man who claimed to be a “free soldier” was charged with hate crimes after a racist incident on the road.
  • The man, identified by police as William J. Ryan, charged with a second-degree hate crime threat.
  • Robert McLemore, a lieutenant and pastor, said Ryan shouted racial insults and threatened to “cut him” with a box cutter.

A New York man has been charged with a hate crime after a racist incident on the road was caught on camera.

The man, identified by police as William J. Ryan, 60, said he was an “off-duty soldier” in Newburgh on June 11 when Robert McLemore, his 18-year-old son, and the racist couple, who are black, hurled insults.

According to the video of the incident, Ryan told McClemore, “I’m an off-duty soldier, you fucking asshole.” “You will never be white! You will never be white!”

MacLemore, a pastor and lieutenant with the Walkel City Police Department, told CNN that the standoff began when a man, later identified by police as Ryan, driving a red truck, got angry and raced around after Macklemore slowed his car and had to let another vehicle go. . pass it on.

When Macklemore stopped by Ryan to ask him about the altercation, Ryan said, “I thought you were going to let me go in front of you,” then began yelling at Macklemore and his son, CNN reported, citing a police report of an incident.

“He stopped his car and approached me with a box cutter. He yells at me, ‘I’m going to cut you, you and’,” McClemore told CNN, adding that this was before he took out his phone and started recording. He told the outlet he tried to calm the situation by driving. away and standing in a lot of stops, but Ryan followed suit.

Ryan reportedly approached McLemore for the second and third time in about 15 minutes, CNN reported. During the last melee, Ryan again approached the car and threatened to stab Macklemore with a live weapon. The outlet stated that CNN viewed a video of the incident.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this happened to me and I’ve lived here for 45 years.” “Nothing like that ever happened.”

A New York State Police spokesperson told CNN that Ryan is not a member of the New York State Police nor is he affiliated with “any law enforcement agency.”

According to a press release from the Newburgh Police Department, Ryan was arrested with Class 2 threats as a hate crime, which is a Class 5 felony.

“Mr. Prime Minister Anthony Gerassi said that “Ryan will be held accountable for his criminal acts and deplorable statements.” He added that “his racist threats in this case were not only harmful to the victim, but reverberated deep within our city.”

Macklemore announced the arrest on his Facebook page.

“Although he has been arrested, just give me a minute to recover!!” And no, I am not fine, but by the power of God I will be better! “I still have to address it,” McClemore said on Facebook.

CNN reported that Ryan pleaded not guilty during the settlement. The insider was unable to reach Ryan’s lawyer Saturday.

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