2022 – A scary pin at a high school women’s golf tournament causes balls to fall off the last green

Golfers battle the 18th hole at River Valley Golf Course in Adel, Iowa.

  • The Iowa State Girls’ High School 3A Championship was derailed due to a bad pin placement on the 18th green.
  • Since the hole was located on a small medium green mountain, the blows approached the hole only to fall back off the mounting surface.
  • The average score on the hole is said to be a bogey quad.

Golf can be a tough game as the pros win and lose millions of dollars based on the outcome of a poor shot.

But while the wild twists of fate are part of the sport, the cruelty is said to stem from the drama created by the athletes at the track, not the track itself.

That wasn’t the case at the Girls 3A State Golf Championships at River Valley Golf Course in Adel, Iowa, over the weekend.

According to Jake Brend, SCTV’s director of news who covered the event, the 18th pin situation caused problems for golfers throughout the day, with the average player being a four-hole bogey.

From the video Brend posted, it looks like the flag is badly placed, with cases sometimes close to green. Golf is supposed to be a test, but that definitely seemed unfair.

Plus, a poor pin placement slowed play to a crawl, with Brend saying the middle group spent 20 minutes completing the 18th green.

Riley Herford, a student at Newton High School, eventually won the championship in a playoff match against Eden Lehrbach. Thankfully, the 18th hole didn’t cause much chaos in deciding the state title, with Heryford playing the last hole in a two-stroke bogey and Lohrbach turning up an impressive level, one of only three players on the day.

“No. 18 was tough today. The pin situation was brutal,” Hereford said, according to the Newton Daily News. “There was nothing you could do to stop it. I was happy with my ghost hit. Eden came to play this hole.

However, the hole was not without conflict for the leaders as Lohrbach had to wait 45 minutes on the 18th tee before he could finally start the last hole.

“It was very scary,” said Hereford. According to the Newton Daily News. “Down on the tee they were talking about the flag in a very difficult place. So I thought I should go up and take a good look. Even by the looks of it, it doesn’t look that bad.”

“I was very nervous on laying. I never felt the vibration during the hit, but it made me shiver. Ghost is like a little bird on this hole today. I’ll take a 5.”

Fortunately, the jump off the controversial green was played after both leaders came through to a relatively unscathed 18th place.

Heryford coach Ashley Kahler was relieved that the title wasn’t an unnecessary punitive punch.

“Today it was unfair to any girl on the court the way that hole was made,” Kahler said. “18 years didn’t decide it was cool. It’s fairer that way. It feels fairer.”

With the state title now in her pocket, Heryford plans to travel to Iowa next season to join the Hawkeyes women’s golf team as a career.

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