2022 – A Texas gunman reportedly took to social media to threaten school shootings A Texas school shooting

Warning signs reportedly went up in the months before the 18-year-old gunman in Ovaldi, Texas, opened fire on a classroom of young children and their teachers four days earlier in what would have been the deadliest shooting in America in a decade.

The teen used social media app Yubo to threaten shooting and rape at school and to show off a weapon he had purchased. CNN reported on Saturday.

Keanna Baxter, 17, told the San Antonio Express News that she learned how unexpected he could be from a friend he had dated.

“It was generally aggressive, like violence,” Baxter told the outlets. He was trying to fight women. He’ll try to fight anyone who tells him no – if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll go crazy.”

No information was provided about physical altercations or other indications of violence. But her boyfriend told her he was “scary” and “if he lost his temper, she would basically be afraid for her life”. He sent her these really bad texts as it went from yelling cute down her back to super cute.

Salvador Ramos was shot dead by federal agents who stormed the classroom where they holed up and killed 21 people last Tuesday after he entered Robb Elementary School in a small South Texas town armed with an assault rifle.

Among the victims were 19 children and teachers who were shot dead and 17 others were wounded. He had shot his grandmother before, leaving her in critical condition.

Ramo’s parents gave brief interviews but little insight into the 18-year-old’s mentality or any behavioral issues prior to the mass shooting.

Another colleague, Crystal Votz, said Ramos threatened to hurt her in comments on Instagram. “He was just annoying. I didn’t provoke him or anything. He was aggressive for no reason… I just blocked him,” she told the San Antonio outlet.

Ramos worked at Wendy’s Burger in Uvalde, according to the New York Times. The night manager told the newspaper he keeps it for himself.

The photo, drawn by his schoolmates, includes descriptions of him appearing in a park with cuts to his face that he said he made “just for fun” and rumors of a video showing one dead cat on the passenger who held his seat. Sentences.

Texas law enforcement officials said Ramos asked his sister in September when he could buy a handgun in Texas. In March of this year, Ramos spoke on Instagram about his desire to buy.

Two weeks later, he posted on Instagram, “10 days left.”

Someone replied, “Are you going to shoot a school or something?”

“No. Stop asking stupid questions,” Ramos said.

Ramos legally purchased two military-grade assault rifles from a state-licensed gun store earlier this month, one the day after his 18th birthday and a week before he entered Robb Elementary School with one handgun, 58 magazines and 1,657 rounds of ammunition.

Kamala Harris on Saturday called for a ban on such assault weapons for the general public and urged legislation to strengthen gun control that has long been blocked by Republicans in the US Senate.