2022 – After initial losses from Trump-backed candidates, experts question the former president’s “medium confirmation record.”

Former President Donald Trump.

  • Experts are looking at the impact of support for former President Donald Trump after the initial losses.
  • “Without the White House, social media or the campaign trail, Trump doesn’t have that much power,” one strategist told The Hill.
  • Another said Trump’s impact is “about a third or a little less” than it was before.

After defeating Trump-backed David Perdue in this week’s Georgia gubernatorial primary, critics are analyzing the strength of the former president’s endorsement.

“Without the White House, social media, or the campaign, Trump doesn’t have as much power, and that’s reflected in his mediocre record of support, the fact that other Republican leaders don’t support him, and the dwindling amount of media coverage,” said Alex Conant, Republican strategist. , The Hill.

Trump’s endorsement has garnered much attention from GOP candidates, though his influence in state and local elections has been called into question after candidates such as North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorne and Nebraska’s governor candidate, Charles Herbster, challenged the former president’s unsuccessful endorsement .

Doug Hay, another Republican strategist, told The Hill that the strength of Trump’s support has been exaggerated, pointing to Senate Republican primaries in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Trump-backed candidates received a third of the total vote.

“There is no denying that he has no influence here,” Republican strategist Doug Hay said. Hill said. “But we’re seeing where that number is now, which is about a third or just under that.”

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