2022 – Amazon’s killer new offer combines discount Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + and free Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung and its major US retail partners are sure to be in a good mood lately, and continue to roll out popular “accessories” like the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Watch 4 as excellent sweeteners for deals along with some global companies. The best phones in Significant drop in special prices.

hot in heels The latest killer deals for the Galaxy S22 series, a totally unprecedented but not surprising offer for the Galaxy Tab S8+, arrived from Amazon today to put a big smile on the faces of Android tablet lovers who don’t make money.

No, the 12.4-inch S Pen is still not what’s traditionally seen as an affordable iPad Pro alternative, but at least it’s cheaper than ever… and it comes with a plethora of features Galaxy Watch 4 at no additional cost.

The Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab S8 Plus typically costs $899.99 and $979.99 with 128 and 256GB of internal storage, and comes in multiple color options for a whopping $70 and $100, respectively.

Additionally, Amazon strangely claims that you can get the Galaxy Watch 4 for $50 after discounting $230, when in fact the 44mm non-cellular black variant will appear in your cart for free when you click the right button at the bottom of the savings section The extra in the e-commerce giant’s Tab S8+ product list.

We know it sounds a bit complicated, but in fact, it’s very easy to save up to a whopping $330 in either The best tablets money can buy right now And the one of the total The best smartwatch out there (at least in terms of value for money, even at the regular price).

Remember that The Galaxy Tab S8+ comes standard with the aforementioned S Pen, which sets it apart from Apple’s (arguably more powerful) iPad Pro released in 2021.

And if you feel that the Tab S8+ is too expensive or too big for your needs, you can always choose the “regular” size of 11 inches. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 available in Up to $100 off for a few weeks while you get your free Galaxy Watch 4 with only 44mm GPS from today until June 19. Unfortunately, the Tab S8 Ultra was not included in this offer as it is still not available on Amazon most likely due to ongoing productivity issues.