2022 – An 11-year-old girl who survived a Texas school shooting fears the gunman is still “looking for her,” her parents say

A man prays in front of a makeshift memorial in front of Robb Elementary School on May 25, 2022 in Ovaldi, Texas.

  • A survivor of a Texas school shooting fears the gunman is “still on her way to get her.”
  • The 11-year-old also told her family, “I don’t have any friends anymore” after a gunman opened fire on her fourth-grade classroom.
  • The girl used her deceased teacher’s phone to call 911 at least six times to seek help from the police.

An 11-year-old girl who survived the Texas school shooting fears the gunman is “following her.” Her parents told KHOU News.

β€œShe is scared…everything will upset her. Her mother told KHOU that she thinks he is following her.”

Miah Cerrillo was in Room 112 at Robb Elementary School when an 18-year-old gunman opened fire on her classroom. After her teacher was shot, she used her mobile phone to call 911 at least six times, and asked the police for help.

To stay alive, she covered herself in her dead friend’s blood and played dead until help arrived.

“They killed one of her friends right next to her. She tried to help her but she was gone. She got her blood off, she smeared it… and she pretended she died to save her life,” her father said.

Cirillo sustained bullet wounds to her back, arms and head.

Her parents say she is still traumatized by the events and are working to find the help she needs.

She would be like, ‘I don’t have any other friends,’ her mother told KHOU.

Her parents set up GoFundMe to help pay for Cerrillo’s medical expenses and treatment costs.

“You’re going to need a lot of help with all the trauma you’re going through,” says GoFundMe, which has already raised more than $445,000.

“My daughter [an] A wonderful person and she is a very good sister to her siblings. We will need help with her medical expenses caused by the shrapnel of the bullet on her back.”

The gunman killed 19 students and two teachers and wounded 17 others in his attack.

Authorities said it took police nearly an hour to infiltrate the classroom and neutralize the gunman because the school’s police chief – who was leading the response – no longer believed there was a threat to the students.

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