2022 – An Indiana official proposes legislation to ban erectile dysfunction drugs in light of abortion bans

John L. suggested. Bartlett ban erectile dysfunction drugs

  • Indiana Republic. John L. Bartlett proposed an amendment to states’ abortion bans to ban erectile dysfunction drugs.
  • “If an unwanted pregnancy is indeed a force majeure, then impotence is a force majeure,” he said.
  • After discussion, Indiana became the first state to enact a new abortion ban since the ouster of Roe v Wade.

An Indiana representative recently proposed an amendment to the state’s abortion law that would ban erectile dysfunction drugs.

State Representative John L. Bartlett, representing Indiana House District 95, has proposed an amendment to Indiana’s abortion law to ban the sale, prescribing, or distribution of erectile dysfunction drugs and other medications for male sexual inadequacy.

“We force little girls to be mothers, but not men to be fathers,” Bartlett, a Democrat, said in the Indiana House of Representatives.

“If an unwanted pregnancy is indeed a force majeure, then impotence is a force majeure. I think the responsibility for these pregnancies should fall on the shoulders of men.”

When the bill’s chairwoman, Republican Kelly McNamara, responded, “I will balance my comments because I don’t want to get in trouble, but please vote down this amendment.”

“Some may think this is a joke, but it takes two people to get pregnant and to put all the burden on the woman which I think is unfair,” said Representative Bartlett, a Democrat.

The Bartlett Amendment was hampered by a podcast that House members would shout yes or no to indicate their support (or lack thereof).

After the debate, Indiana became the first state to pass a new abortion ban since Roe v Wade was overthrown.

The state governor signed the law into law hours after putting it on his desk. The new law is a strict ban on abortion, except in circumstances of rape or incest before 10 weeks after conception and in cases where the pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant woman.

The bill adds an additional exception if “a fetus has been diagnosed with a fatal fetal malformation”.

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