2022 – Apple announces mixed reality headset at WWDC 2022 ‘unlikely’

You know what they say… If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Many tech enthusiasts were excited about the possibility of Apple announcing a mixed reality headset at the 2022 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

Based on a tweet As Apple’s senior technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shares, don’t hold your breath. According to Kuo, because “it will take some time before the Apple AR/MR headset goes into mass production.” Apple will be retracting the official announcement, at least for the time being.

Kuo’s reasoning is that by delaying the announcement, the tech giant will try to prevent competitors from taking inspiration from augmented reality or copying them directly.

At this point, we are confident that Apple is preparing to enter the mixed / augmented reality market with its own headphones. While the device may still be in the development stage, Apple is also working extensively on the software that will run on the headset – “RealityOS”.

Earlier this month, “RealityOS” was trademarked in several countries. By all accounts, this was the culmination of a long line of signals that an augmented reality headset from Apple was on the horizon.

Previously, references to “RealityOS” were found in some records of the App Store and Bloomberg’s Mark Grumman reports that an augmented reality headset has been presented to Apple’s board of directors. This in addition to trademark registration has made many confident that the device will debut in 2022.

However, many tech experts like Mark Gruman and Kuo himself seem to agree that Apple’s potential mixed reality headset release date is sometime in early 2023. If those predictions are accurate, there’s no point in Apple revealing the device at some point in time. Too early.

It’s not Apple’s way to pour the beans while the dish is cooking. So, no matter how hungry we are for Apple products (pun intended), we just have to wait.