2022 – Apple Store workers in Atlanta are reported to be withdrawing a union election proposal a few days later, alleging alleged intimidation

The Apple Store Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia is one of three Apple Stores with active union movements.

  • The union, which is trying to represent workers at Apple Stores in Atlanta, is reported to have withdrawn its request for a union ballot, citing intimidation.
  • The vote, scheduled for June 2, would have been the announcement of the first unified Apple Store in the United States.
  • The decision comes days after an audio leak showed a senior Apple executive expressing concerns about unions for the company’s retail employees.

Reports said workers at an Apple Store in Atlanta withdrew their application for a union vote just days before the scheduled vote, citing alleged intimidation by the tech giant.

Retail workers at Apple’s Cumberland Mall were scheduled to vote on June 2 on whether or not to be represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA). Now they are dropping the unions’ proposal, along with the CWA’s allegations that “Apple’s repeated violations of the National Labor Relations Act have made free and fair elections impossible.” Bloomberg reported.

“The vast majority of Cumberland Mall store workers announced in April that they would form a union and requested recognition of the company,” a CWA official said in a statement to CNBC. “Since then, Apple has carried out a systematic and sophisticated campaign to intimidate them and interfere with their right to form a union.”

In April, workers in the store were the first to request union elections in the company, with more than 70% of workers eligible for the unit to sign union cards. If the vote had been successful, it would have heralded the first unionized Apple Store in the United States.

Since then, news reports have pointed to allegations of anti-union tactics by Apple.

A few days ago, a leaked audio recording showed Apple’s Vice President of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien expressing concerns about joining unions with 58,000 retail workers at Apple.

“I’m concerned about what it means to put another organization at the center of our relationship, one that doesn’t have a deep understanding of Apple or our business, especially one that I don’t think shares our commitment to you,” said O’Brien, according to Vice, who released part of the filing.

Also in early May, Vice reported that Apple was sending store managers a text of anti-union talking points.

In addition to Atlanta, there are Apple Stores in Maryland and Kentucky, and the company’s main location in New York City began the process of forming unions.

The tech giant raised the base wage for retail workers from $20 to $22 an hour as stores are regulated, according to a memo seen by the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. The increase also comes on the back of a hot labor market and rising inflation.

CWA and Apple officials did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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