2022 – Art inspired by nests and feathers – in pictures | art and design

Artist Jill Turpin isn’t an expert on birds, but she loved hearing her song more clearly as she walks her dog around Edinburgh when traffic has come to a standstill during lockdown. “I began to collect feathers – I looked at him as if for the first time, studying his flowery patterns and asymmetries.”

For this series, Nesting, currently on display at Upright Gallery, Edinburgh, Turpin worked with everything she had on hand – wood, fabric and paint – to recreate these collected feathers. It’s a process, she says, filled with the happy coincidences of printing and sanding. “I love this method [Bauhaus textile artist] Annie Albers puts it this way: “Creativity is not more about wanting to do something than listening to what it wants to do.”

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