2022 – Australia will not engage in ‘speaker diplomacy’ against Julian Assange amid calls for intervention | Julian Assange

The Albanian government insists it will not engage in “loudspeaker diplomacy” as it is urged to do more to prevent the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel on Saturday agreed to extradite Assange to the United States, where he faces charges of violating US espionage laws and faces up to 175 years in prison if convicted. He has 14 days to appeal the decision.

Supporters of the Australian citizen, also in the Labor back seat, have called on new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to put more pressure on the US to drop the case, which has been going on since 2010 when WikiLeaks released a slew of leaked documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and diplomatic cables. .

Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke said the government believed the case was protracted and that “talks are ongoing”.

We will not engage in diplomacy over loudspeakers. This issue has gone on for a very long time. We said it in the opposition, we repeated it in the government.”

The case must be terminated. Australia does not participate in the indictment, which is taking place here [and] Each country has its own legal system.

“Days of practicing diplomacy and talking to the government over a megaphone, exposing text messages – that’s how the previous government behaved. We’ve re-established constructive relations with our allies and these are talks between governments.”


The extradition battle for Julian Assange


WikiLeaks publishes about 470,000 classified military documents relating to US diplomacy and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It later issued another batch of more than 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables.

Sweden’s public prosecutor issues a European arrest warrant for Assange, accused of sexually assaulting two Swedish women. Assange denies these allegations.

A British judge rules that Assange can be extradited to Sweden. Assange fears Sweden will hand him over to US authorities, who might try him.

Swedish authorities will question Assange about the allegations in a two-day interview at the Ecuadorean embassy.

Britain rejects Ecuador’s request to grant Assange diplomatic status, allowing him to leave the embassy without arrest.

Police arrested Assange at the embassy on behalf of the United States after his asylum was withdrawn. He faces a “federal charge of conspiracy to commit computer theft” by the United States because he agreed to crack a password on a top-secret US government computer.

Assange’s extradition hearing begins at Crown Court in Woolwich, southeast London. A week after the pleadings open, the extradition proceedings will be postponed until May. More delays due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A four-week hearing begins at the Old Bailey, where the US government says Assange tried to recruit hackers to find classified government information.

A British judge rules that Assange cannot be extradited to the United States. The United States is appealing the ruling.

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Labor MP Julian Hill, who has campaigned vigorously for Assange, called Patel’s decision to agree to the extradition “appalling” and likened his ordeal to Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who was the source of the leak.

“Manning, who leaked classified material revealing US war crimes, has been pardoned, but Assange who published it (journalistic activity) faces an effective death sentence,” he said. He said on Twitter Saturday.

There can be no legal solution in this case. It is political in nature. Political issues should never be handed over. We must defend our Australian citizen and demand that these charges be dropped and that he not be extradited.”

Manning was released in 2017 after Barack Obama commuted her 35-year military sentence in one of his last acts as president.

Independent Representative Andrew Wilkie Albanese has called for an immediate and direct appeal to US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Assange’s behalf.

“I have no doubt that Anthony Albanese has enough leverage with the British prime minister to put an end to it when he picks up the phone and says ‘stop this madness,'” Wilkie said on Saturday.

“I have no doubt that Anthony Albanese has a good enough relationship with Joe Biden to get the President of the United States on the phone and say ‘stop this madness’.”

Karen Percy, federal chief of the media division for the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, said Assange’s potential extradition to the United States was a “serious attack on the international press.”

“We call on the new Australian government to act on behalf of Julian Assange and work towards his release,” Percy said.

Der frühere stellvertretende Premierminister Barnaby Joyce, der ebenfalls ein lautstarker Unterstützer von Assange war, sagte, die neue Regierung müsse die USA unter Druck setzen, den Fall einzustellen, und sagte, a seinde cherung glaube sans chert wilass Access.

“The new government needs to make a clear statement because when you talk in riddles you don’t say anything at all,” Joyce told Guardian Australia.

“I have a different position than the previous government,” he said as he tried to rally support for Assange.

Secretary of State Penny Wong and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus responded to the extradition ruling in a joint statement on Friday.

“We will continue to express our expectations that Mr. Assange deserves due process, humane and fair treatment, access to adequate medical care and access to his legal team,” the statement said.

“The Australian Government has made clear, in our view, that Mr Assange’s case has been prolonged and that it must be closed.

“We will continue to express that view to the UK and US governments.”

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