2022 – Best Buy has a massive 256GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ at an unbeatable price

While Samsung has nearly A whole bunch of products are lined up for a big announcement for Unpacked next week, and we definitely no It will be displayed in the company August 10 happened…a real painting.

This is obviously because the Galaxy Tab S8 family is still very young, as it was only properly released a few months ago after the release of the Galaxy Tab S8 family. The unveiling of February and several weeks of Supply problems are caused by a combination of strong demand and low production.

With all that said, the high-end Tabs S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra can undoubtedly be great alternatives to Apple’s latest iPad Pro for people who prefer Android tablets…unless you think you’re stuck with a Galaxy Tab S7+ that can settle in instead of that.

Despite its somewhat advanced age, the 12.4-inch giant released in August 2020 at the low $529.99 with 256GB of internal storage seems like a very smart buy at the moment. That’s less than $929.99 at Best Buy, which all authorized US retailers used to ship this Wi-Fi-only version of the Tab S7 Plus.

Believe it or not, this is also the amount Samsung is charging at the time of writing, which makes Best Buy’s new offering simply unbeatable. Of course, the $530 discounted price tag still doesn’t make the Galaxy Tab S7+ conventionally affordable, but that’s because this bad boy isn’t that important even by 2022 standards.

In fact The Tab S7+ isn’t much different this year The Tab S8+ is apparently equipped with the older and slower Snapdragon 865 processor, while featuring the same high-end Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate support, exactly the same huge 10,090mAh battery with 45W charging speed, Very similar dual rear cameras and exactly the same slim design made from an excellent combination of aluminum and glass.

The 256GB storage configuration also comes with 8GB of solid RAM, and moreover, you also get an S Pen that increases productivity and boosts creativity for $529.99. Last but not least , The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus runs Android 12 on the software side these days, with an Android 13 update guaranteed at some point. Bottom line, there’s very little to give up on the tablet’s true age, which makes it an excellent deal for 2022.

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