2022 – Bitcoin’s recent gains push traders to bottom, but many metrics remain bearish. From Cointelegraph

Bitcoin’s recent gains pushed traders to bottom, but many metrics remain bearish

As of May 30, the total cryptocurrency market cap has increased by 4% and is currently within reach of $1.3 trillion. The movement was enough to erase the losses of the previous seven days and was mainly driven (Bitcoin) Gain 4.9% during the period.

Total cryptocurrency market cap, $1 billion. Source: TradingView

Apart from Bitcoin, (ADAIt was the only large cryptocurrency that managed to end the week with a positive 4.5% performance. Meanwhile, ether (ETH), BNB(XRP) And the (Sol) Unable to make weekly earnings.

Weekly winners and losers among the top 80 coins. Source: Nomix
(USDT) Peer to Peer vs Source: OKX
Cumulative funding rate for perpetual futures on May 30th. Source: Coinglass

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