2022 – Bobby Brown says Janet Jackson is the ‘crush of my life’

“Janet has been a crush in my life,” Brown said during his documentary Biography: Bobby Brown.

He said, “What about Janet?” “Everyone. Her little smile, her body, her dance moves, her little laugh.”

The document included an old clip of Brown saying he was “madly in love with her” during an interview with BET, and an interview with ex-boyfriend and producer/artist Jermaine Dupre, who said he met her while dating, Jackson was teasing her relationship with. brouwn.

Brown said he and Jackson “loved each other’s company” but “didn’t maintain a long relationship”.

According to Brown, it didn’t work out “because she can’t be with a guy like me.”

“I come from projects. I am Hood.” He said, “And her father [Joe Jackson] She wouldn’t let her be with someone like me.”

Brown soon became engaged to Whitney Houston, whom he called the love of his life. The couple married from 1992 to 2007.

Houston passed away in 2012. She was 48 years old.

Brown is currently married to Alicia Etheridge Brown. They appeared in the new reality series Bobby Brown: Every Small Step with their three children.

CNN has reached out to Jackson, who has never confirmed that she is in a relationship with Brown, for comment