2022 – Bradley Cooper appears unrecognizable as Leonard Bernstein in the upcoming Netflix movie “Maestro”.

Bradley Cooper has undergone make-up changes for his latest project on Netflix.

  • Netflix has released pictures of Bradley Cooper on set as Leonard Bernstein for the upcoming movie Maestro.
  • The look, directed by Academy Award-winning makeup artist Kazuo Hiro, features 47-year-old Cooper at 25.
  • People online are shocked by the actor’s transformation.

The world got a glimpse of what Bradley Cooper might look like in old age this Memorial Day weekend.

The Oscar-winning actor wore shocking cinematic makeup for a new shoot as he transforms into legendary composer Leonard Bernstein for the upcoming movie “Maestro.”

Twitter users were shocked to see Cooper transform in photos released by Netflix on Monday and commented on the 47-year-old actor’s appearance.

The look was created by Academy Award-winning makeup artist Kazu Hiro, Editor-in-Chief of Variety Jazz Tangcay Tweet on Monday.

Hero previously won an Academy Award for his work in 2017’s Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill, and in 2019’s Bombshell, starring Charlize Theron as journalist Megyn Kelly.

Produced by Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and others, the Maestro tells the story of Bernstein, the conductor of the New York Philharmonic who wrote West Side Story notes, among other Broadway musicals.

American composer Leonard Bernstein is the subject of an upcoming Netflix biographical drama.

The movie, due out sometime next year, will star Carey Mulligan, according to Variety. Cooper is also directing the film by appointment.

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