2022 – Burning Catholic exorcists complain they face long lines of “possessed” and little support from bishops

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  • One of the religious universities recognized by the Vatican in Rome conducted an exorcism course with 120 participants.
  • They said they needed more help distinguishing between mania and mental illness, according to The Times.
  • The report said Pope Francis made speeches about helping “those who are possessed by evil.”

A poll conducted by a religious university recognized by the Vatican in Rome, shows that Catholic exorcists are feeling overwhelmed and not receiving support from bishops, London Times.

Italian exorcists spoke to researchers at the 16th annual Regina Apostolor Exorcism Course in Rome, which was attended by 120 participants, The Times reports.

The newspaper said the course garnered a great deal of support for exorcism thanks to Pope Francis’ course. He has previously spoken of helping “those possessed by evil,” according to the Times, and has made exorcisms an official Catholic practice. According to The Independent.

Exorcists at the conference said they need more help from psychologists to determine if people are mentally unstable or demon-possessed, The Times reports.

Father Giuseppe Bernardi claimed he performed a nine-hour exorcism on a woman who hurled insults in Latin and attacked monks, according to the newspaper.

Vicenza newspaper reported that the woman’s father thought she had a “psychological problem”. But the mother, and later Bernardi, believed that she was possessed by a “diabolical influence”.

Bernardi said he had to seek help from psychologists to determine if she was agitated or possessed, but he did so without church help, according to The Times.

The newspaper said the lack of support from the bishops was a complaint echoed by other exorcists interviewed. They complained that they received little help in exorcism from the long lines of Catholics who claimed to be possessed by Satanism.

The Times reported that the Exorcist also said they were hired to perform exorcisms on people with COVID-19.

Conference participants claimed that demonic possession could be identified by unusual physical strength, vomiting, or sudden ability to speak Latin, Hebrew, or Aramaic.

The survey found Italy had 290 exorcists, and Spain 37. “Many potentially possessed people in Spain have spent time with New Edge, spiritual or meditation groups,” researchers said.

Twenty-eight exorcists worked in Britain and Ireland, and there was a “specialized office and team” in Manila, the Philippines.

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