2022 – Buyer’s Guide to … T-Shirts | women tops

IWhen fashion is about communication, the printed shirt is – quite literally – your wardrobe fashion guide, a way to let the world know your likes and dislikes, your tastes and moods without opening your mouth. This makes them, pun intended, a winner on two fronts: a way to make a bold statement, but also an easy style solution when you don’t have a clear head to think about your outfit in the morning.

Buy a T-shirt with something written on it—Finisterre’s Protect Your Blue is a nautical campaign, for example—or a conversation starter kit like Mowalola, with its stunning and extremely flexible model.

When many designer shirts have great graphics, they often cost hundreds as well. With a rental, you can play with these different designs – from the iconic Gucci snakes to the famous polo bear Ralph Lauren – without having to spend any money.

Retro printed shirts are a fashion prize. Browse vintage websites, boutiques, and charity shops to find prints from other eras. The ’70s and ’80s stand out here—while anything from the Y2K era, like the Moschino peace sign design, would be a hit in summer 2022. Add draped shades and low-rise jeans if you dare. Lauren Cochran

buy it

Organic Khaki T-Shirt£35, finisterre.com

Printed women’s T-shirt£185 from Mowalola from brownsfashion.com

Organic Sunflower Tea, £70, samsoe.com

rent it

Bambi Sequin Detail T-Shirt£24 for four-day rental, by bus from mywardrobehq.com

bear print£39 for a month (as part of a subscription) by Ralph Lauren from fromm.com

“Gucify” shirt£42 for three-day rental, by Gucci at byrotation.com

save it

Blue tie-dyed “spa” T-shirt.£29.95, goldsmithv vintage.com

peace sign t-shirt£40, Moschino from frugal.com

purple t-shirt£22, beyondretro.com