2022 – Can a lesson in the bimetallic system contribute to the long-term stability of bitcoin and privacy coins? via Cointelegraph

Could a bimetallic lesson contribute to the long-term stability of bitcoin and privacy coins?

The cryptocurrency market has been in a downtrend since late 2021. In early May 2022, it culminated in a recession that hit the traditional markets just as hard. The recent recession has removed some speculation from the market. But the shock is different than it was in the past. There are still many more active users using the network than we’ve seen in previous cycles. More companions and true believers reached the other side. However, as this increases over time, one of the concerns some have about Bitcoin is:Bitcoin) may affect its adoption. There is an economic incentive, not just a benefit, that privacy coins can offer as a solution.

At different points in the first half of 2022, both in Crypto Market Rising And the Huge mountains of trashPrivacy coins like Monero (XMR), (Haven) and Zcash (ZECIt has performed relatively well against other currencies. Does this mean that there is a file Primary demand for encryption privacy concern?

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