2022 – Claire Ptak’s Secret Ingredient: Vanilla Vodka | a meal

FifthAnila is pricey, but putting it in vodka is a great way to get the most out of the bean. I always have a big share on the go – and look great in your kitchen too. Buy a cheap bottle of vodka, but nothing terrible, and you want something really simple. Start with three fresh vanilla beans, break them up and leave them in vodka for about three days. Then start adding any remaining scraped horns. You can even use one to flavor the custard, rinse it dry, and put it back in the vodka – it will still add a lot of flavor. If you don’t use a lot of vanilla beans, you may want to start with a few vanilla beans.

I use it for everything I use vanilla extract for. It is very tasty and adds an alcoholic finish. I tend to be very generous with her. I’m using 2 tablespoons so it doesn’t affect the composition of the recipe, it just enhances the flavor. If you put it in something really sweet like buttercream – which is mainly made of sugar, butter, and milk or cream – or ice cream, it counteracts the sweetness and taste of vanilla. I use it for sponging, decorating, candies, my chocolate chip cookies, absolutely everything.

Claire Ptak is the owner of Purple CakesLondon

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