2022 – CleanTech delivers impressive performance in Arizona

Recent article below AZBIGMEDIA Provide readers with a summary of the major clean technology efforts that have taken hold in the state, including electric vehicle manufacturing, battery production/recycling and more. The big message? Arizona seems to be doing a great job attracting and retaining these companies.

Here are some great quotes they collected in the article:

“We see great potential in expanding production in Arizona,” said Sumin Zhu, CEO of Ampcera. “The country is very business friendly, there is a strong talent pool and many cost advantages. Having a growing supply chain for electric vehicles in Arizona is very attractive for our business development in the future.”

“Arizona has a vibrant culture of supporting startups,” said Michael Sullivan, co-founder and CEO of Air2O. “Just having access to this local support means more than most people realize.”

One of the big things they pointed out was that Nikola Motors recently launched its first semi-trucks from a facility near College, Arizona. But it is far from the only player in the region. Lucid has a facility in Casa Grande, just south of the Phoenix metro area. The Electrameccanica will be built in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix in the East Valley. Atlis Motors, a manufacturer that makes modular trucks, and Zero Electric Vehicles are also opening a store in the East Valley, making it a tech hub as well.

All of these electric cars will need batteries, and there are manufacturers of those that snap into place as well. LG Energy is building a facility in Queen Creek (also in the East Valley) and KORE Power is building in Buckeye, west of the metro area. Li-Cycle, a company we’ve reported on, recently opened a facility that uses old lithium batteries and allows new batteries to be built and is also being built in the Phoenix area.

They also describe several non- and battery-operated companies:

“Footprint is headquartered in Gilbert, a global leader in sustainable compostable packaging solutions; First Solar is headquartered in Tempe, one of the world’s largest developers of solar modules and photovoltaic systems. Meyer-Burger establishes first facility American to manufacture Goodyear’s solar modules; XNRGY has plans for a million-square-foot manufacturing facility in the East Valley to develop sustainable ventilation systems; and Air2O, a leader in advanced evaporative cooling technology, is developing energy-efficient cooling systems for large industrial and commercial operations.”

One of the things that allowed Arizona to run wild with clean energy was its naturally sunny environment. If you’ve ever visited Phoenix during the summer, you already know this. If you don’t, remember that it’s so sunny and hot that sometimes planes can’t take off. While it can be miserable, it’s a great place to install solar panels and get a lot of energy from them, and with Arizona’s air conditioning energy needs, that’s sorely needed.

Additionally, Arizona adopted alternative fuels in the 1990s and, until recently, did not tax the purchase of clean cars (including electric cars). For a while I had one of the state’s “blue sky” replacement fuel plates on my Nissan Leaf, and registrations were cheap for it.

By being in the sun and promoting clean technology, Arizona has managed to become a clean tech powerhouse. We hope this trend continues.


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