Martin Rawson’s cartoon version of the Government’s Nutrition Strategy for England (13 June) depicts it precisely as dog food. The strategy’s focus on “aquaculture innovation” to “increase production in the seafood sector without increasing pressure on fish stocks” is perhaps the most unpleasant component. Given the lack of detail, one can only assume that the government is referring to the production of farmed salmon, Britain’s largest seafood export by value.

Extensive research shows that millions of tons of wild-caught fish are wasted in fish feed around the world each year. Most of the valuable micronutrients found in “forage fish” are lost when they are fed on farmed salmon. The fish that salmon feed on often comes from countries in the Global South, depriving vulnerable populations of their food and livelihoods.

It would be hard to find a less appropriate proposal to support the food strategy’s purported goal – “a flexible, healthier, more sustainable, and affordable diet for all” – than to boost the UK’s salmon aquaculture industry.
Karina Mullstein
General Manager, Feedback Global

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