2022 – Controversial on YouTube, Jeffree Star quietly breeds yak in Wyoming – now starts selling jerky yak

Jeffree Star’s Star Yak Ranch will start selling yak meat through their online store.

  • Star Yak Ranch, owned by Jeffree Star Company, will begin selling yak meat through its online store.
  • Brand Star Yak Ranch in September 2021 in categories like Butcher Shop.
  • Star confirmed to insiders about the new project and responded to criticism from fans.

Jeffree Star will start selling yak meat through his Wyoming-based company. Star Yak Ranch is located in Casper.

Star Yak Ranch announced in an Instagram post on Friday that it will start selling packaged yak meat through its online store as early as June. He also promoted the products on the Star Yak Ranch Facebook page.

“Delicious grass-fed #yak meat will be available soon in our online store hopefully next month,” Star Yak Ranch wrote in the post’s caption, adding that Star Yak Ranch is proud to be serving Yak Sale meat to residents of Casper and Wyoming. On Saturday during a pop-up event. Star Yak Ranch shared a photo of Star with a local clientele on Facebook, per the post.

It comes eight months after Insider previously announced that Jeffree Star LLC was branding the Star Yak Ranch in categories including butchery, apparel and edible pet food last September. Insiders report that Tibetan yaks originated in the Himalayas and are ox-like animals that can be bred for a variety of reasons, such as spinning made from yak fur and yak meat.

According to the insider’s report, Star was responding to complaints about a possible sale of yak meat on Snapchat after sparking speculation online.

“Supposing I’m doing it as a brand of spinning, cheese, breeding, butchering, etc., it doesn’t mean I’m doing any of those things,” Starr said in the Snapchat video. “When I lie down on a bull and give it a name, nothing happens but clean it, love it and feed it.”

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Starr responded to the criticism in an interview with Insider on Saturday.

“For the past 24 hours, people have been saying, ‘Well Jeffrey, a year ago you said you only used your pets for X, Y and Z.’ But I think people forget that you can change your mind too,” Starr said, adding that the plan His work has “evolved” over the past year.

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“People keep making jokes like, ‘Do you kill Swiss Chocolate and Buster?” Starr told Insider, referring to two of his bulls. “Any bull with a name tag is our pet, and we have a pasture in the back of my land that we use only to prepare food.”

Starr, who said most of his bulls are for breeding and pets, also praised fans who questioned the commercial project because his line of makeup and cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free. While animal testing of the cosmetics found it “disgusting,” he was fascinated by the “branched-forever” lifestyle.

“The idea of ​​raising an animal in peace and happiness, from pasture to fork, is something you don’t learn from living in a big city like Los Angeles,” Starr told Insider.

Star fans may long remember the prominent role fast food played in Star content

Star hosted a temporary sale show for residents of Casper, Wyoming on Saturday.

Star has garnered millions of views for mukbang content and similar videos.

“I was very pro-fast food on my social media. My trick was to put on a Louis Vuitton and go to McDonald’s,” Starr told Insider. “Years after that, I felt tired. My skin wasn’t as great as it used to be.”

Starr also said that he became seriously interested in Yak after moving to Wyoming.

Star continued, “When I moved to Casper, I Googled Wyoming Yak and found a yak farm 30 miles away.” “After befriending them, I did an internship on their farm.”

Starr began documenting his move from Los Angeles to Casper, Wyoming in August 2020. He bought a $1.1 million ranch and said he owns more than 500 acres of land. Starr previously lived in his infamous $14.6 million mansion, which was frequently featured in his online content.

“The makeup mogul has become a meat mogul,” Starr told Insider. “It might be a little shocking to people, but it just seems normal to me.”

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