2022 – Country music star Toby Keith announces stomach cancer diagnosis | country

Country star Toby Keith has announced that he is being treated for stomach cancer.

He wrote in a statement on social media: “I was diagnosed with stomach cancer last fall. I have spent the past six months receiving chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. So far so good. I need time to breathe, rest and relax.”

He said he spends time with his family, “but I’ll be meeting the fans sooner rather than later. I can hardly wait for that.”

Keith is one of the most successful country artists in America. His debut album was released in 1993, and by the turn of the century he had crossed over into mainstream pop: 2002’s Unleashed and 2003’s Shock ‘n Y’all topped the US album charts. Twenty of his songs topped the charts of American states.

In addition to songs about traditional country themes — love and drinking — Keith is known for writing pro-American songs, including the controversial compliment to Red, White, and Blue (the angry American), written after the 9/11 attacks.

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