2022 – Day 10 of the 2022 French Open: Gauff and Fernandez in a snap – LIVE! | French Open 2022

Trevisan 3-1 * Fernandez (* indicates the nearest server)

It’s comfortable 20°C and sunny in Paris. Meanwhile, Trevisan is staying comfortably in Court Suzanne Lenglen. It pretty much looks like that sluggish, jerky start to her first service game would cost Fernandes in that opening game. The world number 59 ranked Trevisan has started consistently and has become dominant as a result.

* Trevisan 2-1 Fernandes (* indicates the nearest server)

Much better performance in the service game by the Canadian. She hits a clean winner down the line to close it out and she’s on the board.

Trevisan 2-0 * Fernandez (* indicates the nearest server)

Fernandez began to find her reach with this frighteningly powerful forehand, forcing her to stumble. Trevisan misses the first game point with a double foul, then wins another with a superb shot…she wrapped up the game with an excellent corner-winning angle, throwing her opponent with a flat foot. The Italian controls the first set but Fernandes starts to see the ball well.

* Trevisan 1-0 Fernandes (* indicates the nearest server)

A very tense start from Fernandes. I made some basic bugs to get it to 0-30 and it’s not able to recover. Trevisan’s first blood with an early break she didn’t even have to work for.

here we are. Fernandez will serve first.

Britain’s Andy Murray He forgot the last time he got to Sorbiton. In 2004, he was playing a man named Jimmy Wang who retired with an injury. “I slipped and hurt my thigh,” he remembers after being asked to do so. Memories are made of it.

The players at Susan Lenglin Stadium. We are only moments away from the start of the women’s singles quarter-finals.

Paul McInnes

“We are happy to be back in Paris” And there’s good reason for that: He and partner Gordon Reed are aiming to win their 10th consecutive Grand Slam title at Roland Garros this week. “I feel confident, he feels confident, and obviously we’re on the right track,” he says with a smile.

Two-time British Wimbledon champion Andy Murray said the mass shooting in Ovaldi, Texas, made him “angry” and that a survivor’s account of the incident was similar to his own experience of the 1996 Dunblane massacre in Scotland.

Very easy shot From Trevisan, from her win over Aliaksandra Sasnovich on Sunday:

Laila Fernandez – idiot?

So grateful to be in the quarter-finals #Roland Garros Grateful for an amazing support system of energy from the crowd, my family, my friends and my team. But the best moment so far was seeing Thierry Henry in the stands. 😊

– Lillelahfernandez (@leylahfernandez) May 29 2022

Thierry Henry plays tennis.
Thierry Henry plays tennis. Photo: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

In less than 15 minutes Women’s quarter-final rounds begin.

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Tomini Karayole

Tomini Karayole

in time If the established group of younger men had to act, a new generation would emerge and would do everything in their power to stop them.

Tomini Karayole

Tomini Karayole

She faced her first big test At the French Open, she was so heavily favored to win that Ega Sweetek withstood the pressure and recovered from a deficit to defeat Chenwen Zeng 6-7 (5) 6-0 6-2 and advance to the quarter-finals.


Could Tuesday at Roland Garros match Monday for the drama? Holger Ron was ridiculously good when taking on Stefanos Tsitsipas, last year’s finalist, in the men’s singles, while women’s world number one Ega Sweetek lost the epic first set to Chinwen Cheng before coming back for 32 straight wins.

There’s plenty to come today as Leila Fernandez, who was defeated by Emma Radocano in last year’s US Open final, meets Martina Trevisan in the women’s singles quarter-final before an all-American showdown between Coco Gauff and Sloane Stephens.

There are those too Something small by Alexander Zverev against Carlos Alcaraz in the men’s singles quarter-finals before the frankly infamous Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal showdown scheduled for tonight. The fist will be pumped, towels will be requested and the bat will likely be smashed. Let’s do this.

play order

Today’s schedule for the Men’s and Women’s Singles Quarter Finals (ranking in parentheses):

Kurt-Philippe Chatrier (All Quarterfinals)
Martina Trevisan vs Lilla Fernandez (17)
Coco Gauff (18) vs. Sloane Stevens
Alexander Zverev 3: 6 Carlos Alcaraz

Not before 7:45 PM GMT
Novak Djokovic 1:5 Rafael Nadal