2022 – Day 8 of the French Open: Nadal, Djokovic, Zverev and Goff – LIVE! | French Open 2022

She wants a monster, but she’s tall and Sasnovich went straight up on her second try, hitting a winner on the court with a backhand. But a forehand into the net gives Trevisan another try at 7-6 and a decent return puts them on point…only for a forehand foul to give it away. 7-7 …

… he is also on her service …

Trevisan was the one who created the first small break, but Sasnovich tore her back and tied 3-3… Only for Trevisan to earn the set point at 6-5….

Trevisan won’t die, wondering and condensing poison on her front hand to defeat an all-round winner for 0-15, then defeat another 0-30. But then another went wide and Sasnovich found his own 30-all winner; Can you shut down oh no. Cedes’ massive double break point saves Sasnovich but then hits a backhand while Trevisan lifts another and we’ll now decide the group on the breaker. Meanwhile, in Chatrier, Anisimova and Fernandez came out.

Now Sasnovich threatens. At the age of 30-40, I hit a forehand, then Trevisan went long with a backhand…and this time, Sasnovich, who fell twice in the set, penalizes the winner with a backhand breaking the touchline! After you sit down, you’ll take 6-5 in the lead!

Sasnovich sends the game’s first double down to give Trevisan 5-4 and 30-all – all of a sudden she gets two points from the set. So Sasnovich increases the power on the forehands for 40-30, then Trevisan is back and we’re back in the round. Trevisan 5-5 Sasnovich

The winner of this plays either Anisimova or Fernandez in the quarter-finals. Both are good, but if either had been shown before the competition started, they would have taken it. Trevisan thrusts through another love handle and still looks like the better player.

Sasnovich survived four points for a break in her last fist and infuriates Trevisan. She was ahead all the way in that group but it didn’t work out and you’d be so disgusting if you lost her.

Sasnovic won the match for the first time 3:3. But Trevisan’s forehand kicked in and secured one of them to make it 4-3.

Looking at the ladies’ lottery, I look forward to seeing how Sloane Stevens performs later. It moves so beautifully and when you play with confidence it’s great to watch. I’d be surprised if she wins here, but it’s women’s tennis, which means anything is possible.

Trevisan breaks again; Can swinging her left strengthen? Uh, not by his looks, Sasnovich is racing to 0-40… and back to 15. Looks like she’s pretty parky in Paris.

However, Sasnovich was more impressive, He won an exciting match against Raducanu before defeating Kerber in two. She immediately backed off and started to feel at home there. Trevisan 2-1 Sasnovic

Trevisan has had a great track so far and hasn’t dropped a group yet. Her win over Linette was particularly impressive, but Gavrilova, who she beat 3 and 4 on Friday, wasn’t flabby either – and we learn from our commentators that she previously took a four-year hiatus from playing because she had anorexia. It’s great to see her lead 2-0 here.

Trevisan and Sasnovich, both unrated, are on Lenglen – Chatrier does not start until 12 noon local time, 11 am GMT.

play order


Fernandez [17] against Anisimova [27]

Mertens [31] against hollow [18]

auger alias [9] v Nadal [5]

Khachanov [21] against the karaz [6]



Trevisan vs. Sasnovich

Djokovic [1] against Schwartzman [15]

Zverev [3] vs Zapata Mirales

Tishman [23] against stevens


greeting! After a typical first week of Major – some bumps, some escapes and some sheer sounds – we start our second with a frankly ridiculous list of behaviors. Djokovic vs. Schwartzman and Auger Aliassime against Nadal are great, but Mertens vs. Gave and Fernandez vs. Anisimova is very dangerous, and so is Teichmann vs. Stevens. on y va!