2022 – Digital identity in the Metaverse is represented by avatars powered by Cointelegraph

Digital identity is represented in the metaverse by avatars of interest

Metaverse is ready to be The next trillion dollar opportunity for technology, as more companies are showing interest in immersive virtual spaces that allow consumers to go beyond what is possible in real life. this was highlighted In a recent report by CB Insights, it was found that Metaverse will disrupt at least 13 leading industries, including fashion, retail, games, education and more.

While notable, the various Metaverse environments are still underway. For example, tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:) announce On May 24, an “industrial metaverse” was created that will allow workers to wear augmented reality glasses to manage supply chains. On the other hand, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) thinks so. Infrastructure for games and technologies They will be the “building blocks of metaverse”.

Elvis sandbox avatar on the close-up chain; Source: The Sandbox
FLUF World Various 3D NFTs. Source: FLUF World
AIFA Allstar NFTs. Source: Modified State Machine

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