2022 – Donald and the Kremlin Don: How Trump’s Toxic Legacy Helps Putin | Simon Tisdale

Even by Donald Trump’s chaotic standards, the “comprehensive peace agreement” for Afghanistan that the United States signed in Doha in February 2020 was a huge goal of its own.

The agreement assumed no binding armistice, no power-sharing requirements, and no political road map. In exchange for some base nonsense, Trump has promised a complete and unconditional withdrawal of the United States and NATO within 14 months.

This was not peacemaking. That was peace. The Taliban hardly believed their luck.

Trump had hoped for political gain from “bringing troops home” even though the vast majority had already left. Otherwise, he would have been completely indifferent to the fate of the Afghan people.

Military officials in the United States and the United Kingdom were horrified. The conference was also attended by diplomats, politicians, aid organizations and analysts familiar with Afghanistan. But their warnings of impending disaster were ignored.

Although official secrecy has been hampered, two reports in debt this month, one from a public regulator in the US, and the other from the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), reveal the incredibly incompetent governments.

Boris Johnson and then British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab failed to effectively challenge the Doha Charter, and then failed to adequately prepare for the 2021 withdrawal. According to the FAC report.

On July 8, 2021, Johnson told the House of Commons that “there is no military path to Taliban victory”. On August 15, Kabul fell. Chaos prevailed. The evacuees died. The dogs were rescued. But many Afghan employees and workers employed in the UK have not.

Twenty years of nation-building that killed tens of thousands of Americans, British and Afghans were destroyed in a few shameful days. Johnson and Rabe should have quit at the time, but they didn’t. There is still time for boys.

The US Special Inspector (SIGAR) report blamed Trump, his successor Joe Biden, and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for the incident.

Biden was surely wrong. He had to insist that Doha be renegotiated and keep some US forces at Bagram, outside Kabul. European allies in NATO should have voiced their concerns more forcefully.

But the responsibility lies first and foremost with the man who launched the fatal geopolitical car accident. While Trump bragged about his deal-making skills, he succumbed to a gang of feudal warlords who immediately succumbed to tyranny.

Today’s tragedy in Afghanistan is just one aspect of Trump’s toxic legacy. The negative effects of his presidency are still being felt around the world — and time is running out to clean up their devastating effects.

Within two years, Trump or a Trump-backed Republican version could take back the White House. A reactionary and disturbing “America First” agenda could once again determine how the United States would or may not deal with major global challenges at the time.

This bleak prospect is made all the more likely by Biden’s apparent inability, seen in Afghanistan, to fundamentally change the gamut on a number of major international issues.

No wonder, for example, that occupation-related violence between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and elsewhere has reached its highest levels since 2014, according to the United Nations.

Trump has abandoned peace efforts and the internationally preferred two-state solution, ignored the Palestinian Authority and promoted business-oriented “Abraham Accords” between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

With none of the Gulf states threatening Israel, this was not the historic breakthrough he claimed. But it continued to marginalize Palestinians while helping legitimize “apartheid crimes,” as Human Rights Watch described them, by successive Israeli governments.

Biden recently condemned further expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank. But he did little to revitalize the peace process. Perhaps that will change when he visits Israel later this year. Maybe not.

It also seems that Biden succumbed to Israeli pressure on Iran. Trump stupidly broke the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran. Since then, Iran is said to be steadily close to having the capability to make nuclear weapons.

Trump’s fatal mistake, along with repeated Israeli and US killings of prominent Iranians, has heightened tensions. But despite a strong promise, Biden failed to revive the deal. Now he seems to be giving up.

A TV screen at a station in Seoul shows a report of a North Korean missile launch. Photo: Lee Jin-man / AP

Trump deceived himself when he tried to charm North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Kim’s photo shoot summit cemented Kim’s standing in achieving Zero Return. Kim has been firing ballistic missiles as if there is no tomorrow lately. The way he does it may not be there.

But North Korea is another powder keg that Biden has nothing new to say. His visits to South Korea and Japan last week underscored his neglect of China and the Indo-Pacific region, which is said to be his top priority abroad.

Trump’s attempts to pressure China have punished America. He has voted against trade wars that harm US exporters and boycotts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – more private goals.

Now, soon after, Biden is trying to pick up the details, assuring Taiwan of US military support, strengthening regional alliances and launching an “Indo-Pacific economic framework” to confront China.

While some of his problems are of his own making, Biden’s struggle to repair the global damage wrought by Trump’s four-year killing spree has been immeasurably complicated by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Trump succumbed to the wooing of Vladimir Putin. He willingly destroyed NATO and the European Union. He has clashed with Putin’s opponent – Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky – who has pressured him (and arguably) to discredit Biden.

Trump seemed inexplicably committed to the Kremlin mafia boss while in office. still does.

Now, in turn, Putin’s brutal imperialism threatens to damage Trump’s opponent – Biden – by derailing his international and domestic priorities and, if Russia wins, discrediting US global leadership.

The symmetry is amazing. Terror in Ukraine, organized by Moscow, jeopardizes Joe’s chances in 2024. It’s like Don and Donald working together. Thought destruction!