2022 – Don’t forget the misery caused by Margaret Thatcher | Letters

In response to giving a statue of Margaret Thatcher to the poor in Grantham (‘The Matter of the Most Important’: Statue of Margaret Thatcher Divides in Grantham’s Birthplace, May 22) I was suggesting instead that a blue plaque be placed in every town, village, and country it so cruelly destroyed. The suffering inflicted on our mining communities and shipyards was indescribable, and the enduring effects of the pain and fear experienced by so many are still felt to this day.

We were deeply shocked by the riot police battle against the miners in front of their homes. The children came to school nervous and hungry, and the mothers were anxiously beside themselves. With no wages coming in, these proud women had to rely on food-gathering sites and handouts from neighbors – a process they found humiliating.

For those of us who have dealt with the fallout from such devastating policies, erecting a statue of officials is not a good idea.
Dorinda Stokes

Frances Ryan (My Hometown Doesn’t Need a Great Memorial to Margaret Thatcher, May 26): A bronze Thatcher facing a female protester would be more in keeping with her spirit—and her flaws. Better still, sell the precious statue to one of her wealthy fans and use the money to open a center LGBTQ+ guys are in her name.”

But it must be remembered–for the divisions it sowed and the ruthless government it led, and perhaps most importantly for the legacy it left behind and which has bequeathed many of the present-day Tory party, who found it acceptable to lie to us, to tell us. We have to get better jobs if we insist on surviving next winter, sending some desperate people who come to our shores to camps in Rwanda.
Ian Marsden
Goole, East Circle in Yorkshire

I totally disagree with Frances Ryan. It was a shame to destroy the bronze statue. As a Conservative voter, I admired the Iron Lady. However, I would be appalled if Harold Wilson’s statues at Huyton and Huddersfield were similarly defaced. Like it or not, Thatcher was Britain’s first female Prime Minister, and she should be honored for this point alone.
Dominic Schlemarden

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