2022 – Don’t take old age while sitting | the elderly

Luisa Dillner (Eat Plants, Try Pilates, and Stay Positive: How to Keep Your Body Younger Than Your Years, May 28) advises against sitting if we want to be healthy into old age. Staying as healthy as possible is of course a good thing, but there is also the consideration that living a miserable ascetic life just to live a longer miserable ascetic life is a questionable goal.
Karen Berry

Thanks for the list of events to avoid (from contests to picnics: 20 Days of Great Jubilee, May 30), but my problem is finding the Sunday prayer that celebrates Pentecost, not the Queen.
Father Chris Benson
Manatoon, Devon

Rosemary Benuarden identifies as “63-year-old grandmother” and her male assistant as “refrigeration technician” without specifying age (New Zealander makes her own $24,000 electric car, May 27). How might their age and reproductive status be relevant if their occupation was not? I don’t expect the Guardian’s sexist reporting methods to continue.
Lindsey Goff

Rodney Smith’s naming of his tumor Boris reminded me (Letters, May 29) that Dennis Potter named Robert for his liver cancer. Guardian readers can probably guess which Robert is.
David Garner
south port

How do you sleep in the heat (less alcohol, more salads, maybe separate bedrooms: sleep better in spring and summer May 29)? I’ve stored that up until then here in the North East of England.
Dorothy Mitchell

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