2022 – Dust does not subside our current crises | letters

The world is heading towards climate burnout. Inflation is escalating and hundreds of thousands are plunged into poverty. The government is led by a lawless narcissist who is derided by many in his party and much of the country. And in the Guardian, I open the magazine to see a page and a half devoted to solving the puzzle: “Should my husband stop flicking with a dry rag?” (You are the judge, May 21). There is no room dark enough to lie down.
Richard Barhard
Wivenhoe, Essex

Mary Anning (the statue of pioneering fossil hunter Mary Anning to be unveiled in Dorset on May 21) was in the 1972 curriculum. She covered her work with an eight-year-old class. Admittedly, I had never heard of it, but this shortcoming was made up for by an excellent BBC School Service TV series.
Linda Weir
Kirby Moxloe, Leicestershire

What an impressive article on Luis Diaz (“Short and Thin” – Luis Diaz’s long journey from Barrancas to Liverpool, May 26). I’m a Manchester United fan but I’ll cheer for Diaz when he plays for Liverpool in Paris this weekend.
Helen Evans
Ruthen, Denbshire

Rishi Sunak calls it “Temporary and Targeted Energy Gain Delivery”. Can anyone remember Margaret Thatcher trying to name the poll tax?
Good Car

unexpected tax? Nothing the same! It is a “private business”.
Tony Fisher
Gotham, Nottinghamshire

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