2022 – Elon Musk holds his first meeting with Twitter employees since a $44 billion offer | Elon Musk

Elon Musk will speak to Twitter employees this week for the first time since his $44bn (£36bn) bid was launched in April, a source said on Monday, citing an email from Twitter chief Prague Agrawal to employees.

The source added that the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, and that Musk will receive direct questions from Twitter employees.

The news, first reported by Business Insider, comes after Twitter said last week that it expects a shareholder vote on the sale by early August.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Musk will attend the company’s meeting this week.

Since Musk’s takeover bid, several Twitter employees have expressed concerns that the billionaire’s erratic behavior could destabilize the social media company’s business and hurt it financially.

In April, Agrawal quelled employee anger at a company-wide meeting where employees demanded answers about how managers plan to deal with the expected exodus that Musk had instigated.

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Last week, the Twitter owner warned that he might walk away from his deal to take over the company if you don’t provide the fake account data and spam he’s looking for.

In a letter to Twitter’s chief legal officer, attorneys representing Tesla’s CEO said he believed the company was “actively resisting and frustrating” its rights to access company data and information under the agreement.

They said the refusal to provide the information was a “material breach” of the deal agreement that would allow Musk to walk away without paying the $1 billion disruption fee included in the deal.

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