2022 – Exclusive ‘SNL’ on the podium! Tina Fey, Did Ferrell, Rachel Dratch & More Get Dragged into Horatio Sanz’s Sexual Assault Suit – Did You Know? Written by Douglas Montero John. 9 2022, posted at 4:26 PM ET

The new allegations, detailing SNL’s post-party debauchery, are revealed in a massive lawsuit against Sanz. Woman from Pennsylvania – under a pseudonym Jane Doo – Accused that she was set up 20 years ago in front of NBC employees, including A-list stars, and later assaulted without consent.

The massive allegations, revealed in an amended lawsuit filed Wednesday in the New York Supreme Court, could lead to some of SNL’s most famous and well-known alumni being called to testify about the situation in the multimillion-dollar lawsuit, in which Sanz, N. BBC World. , SNL Studios and about 20 unidentified defendants.

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