2022 – ExclusiveAll smiles and holding hands! Mama John’s ex-girlfriend to ex-fiancĂ© Sugar Bear reveals – Photos of Mama John’s ex-fiancĂ© Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson has gone public with his new girlfriend. Meet Heather Rodd! By Samantha Benites, May 19, 2022, posted at 6:01pm ET

Sugar Bear chewed tobacco for over 12 years, causing his teeth to rot and discolor. Fortunately, his test results showed no signs of malignancy, but they still planned to remove a benign tumor in his salivary gland just to be sure.

When all is said and done, the Georgian national is said to have a hair transplant, fillers, liposuction, botox, tummy tuck, a new set of teeth, a new haircut, and a clean shave.

Earlier this month, Sugar Bear opened up about his budding romance with Heather, telling fans he “loves her to death” and is in a “serious, committed relationship,” months after Jennifer confirmed their split in December 2021.

Heather returned the love in her own social media post, gushing about Sugar Bear as her perfect match.