2022 – Exhausted Celtic beat Glasgow 3-2 to win the Scottish Women’s Cup

Celtic have won both FA Cups this season

Izzy Atkinson scored the winning goal in overtime as a weary Celtic beat Glasgow 3-2 and lifted the Scottish Women’s Cup at Tynecastle.

City responded the ousted hero twice. Gina Clarke and Lauren Davidson raise the hits of Shen Mingyu and Charlie Wellings.

Jodi Bartel was sent off before the break but Celtic did better in front of a record audience of 4,345 spectators.

Atkinson’s late goal netted Celtic’s cup double that season.

It’s Celtic’s first win in the competition and it adds to that The SWPL Cup they won Against the same opponents in December.

City, who lost the league title after 14 years of dominance, ended a season without titles for the first time since 2005.

Celtic, who finished 10 points behind second-placed City in SWPL1, started at a pace that City’s defense has struggled against.

Wellings shot down the right but was thwarted by Lee Alexander on the first big chance of the match.

City responded with a Megan Foley cross that touched the crossbar but with play back to the other end, Celtic brought their big support back to life with the opening goal.

Jacynta Galabadaarachchi picked Shin in the box and quietly chose her spot in the net.

City reacted almost immediately when Clarke took a Hailey Lauder free kick.

Then two major moments of controversy shook both sides.

Clarissa Larizzi jumped on Foley and Celtic took her down from the penalty spot. The referee tried to continue playing before withdrawing the match too late.

Wellings sent Alexander the wrong way, but their advance would be short-lived again.

This time, Priscilla Chinchilla earned a penalty when she was sent off in an attempt to reach a low cross. Bartel received a red card for the penetration, angering the Celtic bench, while Davidson took the penalty into the net.

Celtic players celebrate Izzy Atkinson’s overtime win

Fran Alonso’s team has advanced twice but is now down to 10 players and much less.

However Celtic seemed more likely to score.

Galabadaarachchi was just a mustache away from tying a cross inside the opponent’s area. Then a better opportunity came.

Wellings stormed her defense and got past the goalkeeper, having put the net at her mercy but somehow making her shot into the stands.

The work did not stop until the end of the 90 minutes. Clark Wellings’ brilliant challenge prevented a one-on-one confrontation with the goalkeeper. City then ran into a counterattack and Audi’s attempt was blocked by Volotodillo over the bar.

With the last kick in normal time, Atkinson passed his mark and Alexander forced a neat shot.

With the minutes into extra time, Atkinson had another chance and used it to attack the City defence, finding a gap and a low shot to score a historic win.

‘We fight until the last minute’

Celtic coach Fran Alonso told BBC Alba:

“I couldn’t be more proud.

“I thought the start of the game was great, but the red card changed everything of course. We talked about it in the dressing room at half-time, and we knew we could still do it between us.

“This group shows it all the time. We have a strong belief in ourselves – we fight until the last minute.

“Today is a special day, the second cup of the season. I can’t believe it.”

He added on Bartle’s red card: “Judy was emotional but we said ‘I got you, Judy’ – that’s what we do. It’s part of the game, what happened has happened.”

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