2022 – Fear is the problem, not the EV scope

A recent report from the UK highlights a mature shipping network and reduced range anxiety. The Automobile Association (AA) reports that the percentage of low battery failures has halved in the past 12 months. They found that range anxiety did not match reality – half of the callouts were for anxious drivers who weren’t actually out of range, but from drivers who panicked when their cars warned them that the battery was low. Having experienced a similar situation in far western Queensland, I can understand the concern.

A little planning and using a phone charging app (like PlugShare) can go a long way. Part of the story is also learning and trusting the car. Most electric cars warn you when the charge is low. Tesla has a yellow triangle of death and tells you to go to the nearest charging station. The electric vehicle ecosystem is evolving and expanding so rapidly, some of the early adopters’ concerns are no longer valid. The situation is different in every state, in every country.

yellow triangle of death

The AA said the first third of electric vehicle failures are exactly the same as those of combustion engine cars, which involve problems with the 12-volt battery and tires. However, other EV faults vary and include things like chargers, warning lights, battery monitoring systems, or keychains.

“Electrization is heading into the mainstream and potential electric vehicle owners should not be put off by range myths. Once an electric vehicle is tried, it’s hard to go back in,” said Edmund King, president of the AA.

An AA survey revealed similar concerns as here in Australia and, I suspect, around the world – charging points should be wheelchair accessible and the design of the charging point should accommodate users with limited mobility and/or disabilities. As I get older and stiffer (I think I inherited my mother’s arthritis), I feel the need to open the car door all the way in and out. Ample parking space is preferred.


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