2022 – Formula 1 split with the FIA ​​worsens after controversial decisions in Monaco | single formula

It is understood that F1 owners are deeply unhappy with the sport’s governing body, the FIA. After another weekend of public criticism of the FIA’s performance at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday, there are signs of a growing split between Formula 1 and the FIA, particularly its new boss, Mohamed Ben Sulayem. Sources fear that the governing body is harming the sport because it is so popular.

The FIA ​​came under fire after Monaco when race director Eduardo Freitas postponed the start due to rain. Lewis Hamilton was among several drivers who insisted they could at least start the race before the rain got too heavy and that the FIA ​​was very conservative in its concern that the drivers were not racing on wet roads until that point. “I don’t know why they didn’t send us right away,” he said. We are Formula 1 drivers. [the weather] Not enough reason.”

The events were the latest in a string of FIA decisions that the Guardian understands are increasingly angering F1 and its teams. Bin Sulayem took over from Jean Todt in December, and under his direction a contradictory relationship with the sport developed.

The failure of the FIA ​​to prevent Russian drivers from attending FIA events and allowing them to continue racing under a neutral flag led when F1 acted quickly and decisively to sever all ties with the Russian GP. The FIA ​​was mocked shortly thereafter when individual national racing authorities such as Motorsport UK issued their own ban on Russian teams, competitors or officials attending events in the UK.

Likewise, many found the FIA’s report on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy extremely unsatisfactory and failed to address what happened in the race likely to cost Hamilton his eighth title.

Recently, Bin Sulayem resisted the unanimous agreement of F1 and all teams to increase the number of sprint races to six next year. His stance was known to be met with great anger from both teams and F1.

The recent crackdown on drivers who are not allowed to wear jewelry under their racing suits, centered in Hamilton, led to a very public controversy, with the driver refusing to remove his eyelets. It is seen as a pointless intervention. Bin Sulayem is believed to be the motive for its enforcement. Hamilton refused to attend Ben Slim’s first FIA celebration in December, a decision the president said there would be “no forgiveness”.

In Miami, Esteban Ocon was scathing in his Governing Body’s assessment after he and Carlos Sanz suffered serious crashes in the 14th round and suffered severe neck pain. His calls to replace the concrete barrier with more tolerant Tecpro materials were ignored by the FIA, even though Tecpro units were readily available.

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Fernando Alonso crushed both the FIA ​​hosts after receiving a penalty in Miami. Alonso and his alpine team said after the race to show evidence that the stewards weren’t even in a room.

This bad publicity comes at a time when more people than ever are watching Formula 1 and the sport is looking to make it as accessible as possible, with a very strong focus on the track. The leading figures in Formula 1 view much of what the FIA ​​has done as an unnecessary distraction and raise questions about whether the role of the governing body should be scaled back, knowing full well that the FIA ​​is almost entirely dependent on revenue is what it gets from Formula 1.