2022 – Frustrated Justin Thomas raves after playing an embarrassing drain shot at the US Open

Perhaps the writing was on the wall before the 29-year-old hit his first game ball of the day at The Country Club.

“From Louisville, Kentucky – Justin Thompson,” the T-shirt announcer called out by mistake as Thomas prepared for the opening shot, prompting a confused reaction from the American.

After a solid start three straight seasons, confusion gave way to fury on the fourth hole when Thomas’ loaded shot fell into the top of a drain in the middle of the fairway.

Unable to withstand the fall, Thomas continued playing the ball lying flat, and his misguided shot sailed into a vault near the green.

Looking down the drain before the ball went down with disgust, to say the American was unhappy would be an understatement.

“It annoys me because a lot of other people lie about their ability to make it, but it’s just like ‘I won’t hit it,'” Thomas can be heard saying on the Sky Sports broadcast.

“I’m just trying to be a good person.

Next, Thomas missed the hole and finished the day 2 on 72, heading into Sunday’s final round with a 3-over.

‘spirit of the game’

Normally, a golfer cannot receive a drop ball unless the lie affects his stance or his swing line. While discussing the incident, Thomas said he contacted an official to get a decision on the shot, but – believing it wouldn’t go down the drain – decided against it “in the spirit of the game” by someone to ask for a free drop.

“I felt like I could easily have told her that I would [hit the drain] Thomas told reporters.

“It is very clear that my situation has changed and I was sitting badly because of this exchange,” he added.

Thomas of the United States plays an approaching shot from the first hole.

It’s not the first funky shot to hit Brooklyn this week. On Friday, MJ Daffue made sure a group of lucky fans got their money’s worth when he snapped a gorgeous shot from the carpet of the hospitality tent.

Unwilling to take a penalty, the South African blew up his car near a tree, a food stand and a crowd of spectators towards the fourth hole.

Golfer scores a superb shot from the hospitality podium at the US Open

For Thomas, who opened the game with 69 on Thursday, the American had to make seven shots after 72 seconds in a row to equalize with fellow countryman Will Zalatores, who led the field on his return to the club.

Thomas, a 15-time PGA Tour champion, is chasing his second major win this year after winning his second PGA Championship in May. His best result came at the 2018 US Open when he placed eighth.

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