Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 randomly disconnects from phones after installing Google Assistant - Galaxy Watch 4 randomly disconnects from phones; It could be a plugin error
Galaxy Watch 4 users were excited to finally get a better digital assistant from Bixby on their smartwatch. Some of them even discovered an issue that seemed to be the result of an update that brought Google Assistant to their watch. Subject? after some Reddit users have disconnected several Galaxy Watch 4 devices from the phones they were paired with after installing the Google Assistant.

To make matters worse, attempts to re-pair the affected watch and phone will not work because both devices act as if they were never connected and do not recognize each other. For example, Redditor u/SnooBeans6722 wrote: β€œI updated the Google Assistant feature yesterday and turned it on and off. I even used my watch to track my workout this morning. But now my watch is not connecting to my phone.”

continued. β€œOn my phone, my watch is no longer listed as a device in the Wear app. When I try to click add it asks me to pair it as if it was paired with a new phone and prompts me to erase my watch (which I don’t particularly want to do because setting up all cards on Samsung Hard to push again.) I’ve tried restarting both the phone and the watch, updating all apps, turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off and on again, nothing works.”

There is bad news from others posting in the thread. They claim that the only solution that others have found to work is to completely reset the clock. As others point out, it hurts to do so. But once you decide that a full reset of your watch is the way to go, be sure to back up the data on your watch before you start the Galaxy Watch 4 full reset.

Aside from the issue of disconnecting from the phone it was paired with, the Galaxy Watch 4 also has other issues with Assistant hot words constantly detecting, causing the battery to drain quickly. And to make matters worse, Google Assistant doesn’t always seem to chase after you and you say “Hey Google”.

or not, Google will be able to send you an update that fixes these issues.