2022 – Galaxy Z Fold 4 protective case image confirms aspect ratio changes

Pictures of the protective case confirm almost all the revised aspect ratios of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung’s next foldable device will make slight but noticeable improvements to the device’s dimensions.

As we get closer to the much-anticipated release of Samsung’s 2022 foldable lineup, speculations and leaks are becoming more and more common. earlier this week, Modifications to the Z Fold 4 have taken center stage.

This time around, the latest information relates to an important (pun intended) aspect of folding – aspect ratios. a while ago, We’ve covered the rumors about the expected improvements to each of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s displays.

The leak at the time expected an aspect ratio of 23:9 (up from 24.5:9) for the outdoor screen and an aspect ratio of 6:5 (previously 5:4) for the indoor screen when opened. This means that the external screen is slightly shorter while the internal screen is narrower.

The key word here is “easy”. The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s aspect ratios remain unconventional at best. Far from pioneering, these changes are another step in the right direction.

While aspect ratios are still in the realm of speculation, a photo shared on Twitter by celebrity student IceUniverse shows that dimension adjustments are on the way. In addition to the different aspect ratios, the image also confirms that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be slightly thinner as well.

The abnormal proportions of the Galaxy Z Fold have always been the main obstacle for the device to effectively realize its 2-in-1 smartphone/tablet imagination. The narrower exposed screen ultimately determines whether the device can really keep up with smaller tablets.

Admittedly, these discoveries were bittersweet. Many had hoped for a noticeable improvement in the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s dimensions. These modifications fall short of the overhaul that many were hoping for. However, they assure that Samsung continues its efforts in this direction – albeit at its own pace.