2022 – Good Luck Leo Grande Review – Emma Thompson excels in theatrical sex comedy | Comedy movies

TThe phrase ‘British sex comedy’ will send chills into the heart of anyone who has grown up on a Brian Rex diet. keep camping And the Confessions of a window cleaner. However, despite this shy legacy, the name is not elegant Good luck, Leo Grande He manages to keep one foot firmly on the floor of blissfully progressive entertainment even while dancing around an idyllic British minefield where anxiety and openness about intimacy collide.

Directed by Sophie Hyde (who was a huge hit at Sundance 2019 the animalsFrom an often hilarious if somewhat theatrical Katie Brand script, this two-handed directed film presents a series of hotel room confrontations between a stressed, recently widowed woman and an incredibly handsome and lovable young sex worker. “I don’t like going where you want things to appear,” says Nancy of Emma Thompson, a retired religion teacher who had never had an orgasm (her missionary marriage wasn’t so much “a furnace of passion that burned” as Aga’s “downstairs drawer”). ‘) and now has a list of ‘achievable goals’ that she ‘would like to pursue’ to find out what all the fuss is about.

Since Nancy only slept with her husband, most of her knowledge of sex work (an intoxicating cocktail of anxious bourgeois guilt and blunt praxis) derives from her students’ articles copied from Wikipedia, for which the question “Should it be legal?” It was a constant topic. Meanwhile, the eponymous academic provider (play it smoothly meager masks Alumnus Daryl McCormack) has mummy problems that perfectly match his neurotic client’s parental flaws, something that came to light during their exchange outside intercourse that forms the backbone of the drama.

Not surprisingly, Thompson is infinitely versatile (who portrays like love actually And the education in which she played the band or supporting roles) must be perfect in a comedic tragi role that requires her to declare, “I don’t want an old man, I want one small The first is, ‘Before I quickly admit,’ I’m just a miserable old pervert—I feel like Rolf Harris! “There is the slightest hint of it Death in Venice About her fascination with youth, a reminder of the sadness you feel over lost time and the exciting spark of time left. “I want to play a young woman again,” she says to her lover, noting that the film hardly hides the hidden tangles. Little Mort With the realization of impending death.

I sometimes remembered the physically uncomfortable wide comedy script of Vanessa Taylor springs of hope, especially the scene where Meryl Streep eats a banana that she takes to the bathroom to explore oral sex. There is even an unexpected echo of Rigsby Leonard Rossiter high humidity About Thompson’s performance, at least in the first scenes – talkative, bodily fumbling, bemused by attraction but lacking in empathy, as if she were talking to herself, something that will change as her softens as the drama progresses.

As for McCormack’s Infinite Commander (a distant British descendant of Richard Gere’s American Julian), he has been described as “a kind of sexual saint…a master of menopause”—too good to be true. When Thompson asks, “Are you real?” The answer, of course, is that it is not. Leo’s career may require playing compelling roles, but McCormack and Thompson are also skilled actors, playing characters I admit I never got along with. Compare this on-screen couple to Anne Reid and Daniel Craig in Roger Michell’s the mother And the atmosphere of performance art becomes clearer.

He’s not supposed to say any of that Good luck, Leo Grande Not impressively destructive and eccentric eaters, a quality reinforced by Stephen Renick’s score, which easily oscillates between laughter and tears while keeping things firmly in the easy listening record.

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