2022 – Google Assistant may soon learn to recognize your voice

9to5Google has discovered hidden strings of code in recent iterations of the Google app that could indicate a major improvement to Google Assistant is about to happen. Already widely considered the best digital assistant offered on devices today, the code discovered by 9to5Google appears to discuss a voice recognition system that allows the assistant to recognize your voice.

Code strings associated with Custom Speech Recognition may appear in Google Assistant settings with a text description that reads: “Save audio recordings on this device so Google Assistant can better understand what you’re saying.” The voice remains on this device and can be deleted at any time by disabling custom voice recognition. He learns more.”

Google wants Assistant to be better at recognizing your voice

Google already has A support article on what is called “federal learning”. The support page states: “Federated Learning is a privacy-enhancing technology we use to improve forms on a device without sending them raw user data. google server. Google Assistant uses federated learning to improve “Hey Google”. When you ask “Hey Google, what’s the weather like tomorrow?” The model on the device recognizes that you said “Hey Google” and then sends your request to the Google Assistant.

It’s time to get the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Google notes that “This model may activate when you don’t mean it, eg B. When the sound sounds like ‘Hey Google’. Also, it may not be triggered if you say ‘Hey Google’. We are now using federal learning to improve the ‘Hey Google’ model. “And trying to reduce false activations and false entries.”

Learning your voice can help Google Assistant more accurately transcribe some of the common phrases you say often and the contacts you mention. In some Google smart home devices, like the second-generation Nest Hub and Mini, Google uses a machine learning chip that processes the requests and tasks you say most often so that the Assistant provides a “much faster response time.”

Google can try to extend this functionality from your smart home devices to Android mobile products by asking you to sign up if you’re interested. The files remain on your device until you disable the system

You may have noticed recently that when you call your credit card company, some say that for security reasons, they collect samples of your voice to link to future phone calls. Google also notes that “If you disable this feature, your Assistant will be less accurate at recognizing the names and other words you say frequently. All sounds used to improve speech recognition will be deleted from this device.”

This is all part of Google’s attempt to give users more natural conversations with the Google Assistant starting next year. During the Google I/O 2022 conference, the company announced that the assistant would be able to carry on the conversation just by making “eye contact”, allowing tasks to be completed without uttering the important word “Hey Google”.

Google plans to add its own ‘Fast Phrases’ feature to the Nest Hub Max

As many Pixel 6 series users know, certain actions called quick phrases can be said to the Google Assistant to get things done without having to say “Hey Google” first. These tasks include:

  • Set a timer or an alarm
  • Ask about the time
  • Turn the light on or off
  • Cancel timer or alarm
  • Dim or lighten the light
  • Ask about the weather

This summer, Google is said to be planning to add Express Ferries to the Nest Hub Max.

While it is not clear how many Android phones are sold each year due to Google Assistant’s overwhelming advantage over Siri, many iPhone users install and use the iOS Google Assistant app instead of Siri on their iPhones. While Google Assistant works best on an Android phone, by installing the iOS version of the app, you can use the assistant to set your iPhone’s alarm and call or text friends and family.