2022 – Google may soon let Android detect if you cough and snore while you sleep

Google is said to be working on introducing snore and cough detection for Android devices. as such 9to5Google Spotted, lines of code in the installation file of Google Health Studies app reveals that the tech giant is currently conducting a study called “Sleep Audio Collection” which is only available to Google employee. The tech giant explains: “You must be a full-time Google employee and have an Android phone to participate in this study. The environmental conditions required for this study are that no more than an adult sleeping in the same room does not work for a competitor.”

Through this experiment, Google collects data needed to validate, fine-tune and develop algorithms and an expanded set of sensor functionality that can then be made available on Android.

Cough and Snoring Algorithms are offered to you, as an end user, as a feature to track sleep and monitor whether you cough or snore while you sleep. Google further explained that the feature works in a “privacy, on-device” manner, which means that information collected is securely processed and stored locally on your phone. According to Big G, these new features will provide users with “robust insights into their sleep.”

Detecting snoring has many benefits and will definitely give you more information about how you sleep. For example, it can tell you if you snore and in what period. It can help people with obstructive sleep apnea and other health issues keep track of how dietary changes and sleep schedules affect rest quality.

Unfortunately, there is no word on how and when Google plans to implement the snoring tracking feature, or if it will be available on all Android devices or only Pixel phones. It’s also possible that Big G will add this feature to the Google Fit fitness tracking app.

Of course, there are apps like SnoreLab, SnoreClock, and Goodsomnia Lab that provide snoring detection that you can use right now.