2022 – Guardian launches Tor bulb | technology

The Guardian website is now available to Tor users as an “onion service” at:


The Tor network helps mask the locations of its users, which makes tracking their online activity more difficult. Tor also makes it difficult for ISPs to determine what their users are accessing. This means that users can bypass censorship in parts of the world where access to independent news may be difficult or some sites and services are blocked.

Guardian readers have always been able to access https://www.theguardian.com using tools like Tor Browser. These browsers route their connections through the Tor network – thus masking the reader’s location. But the browsers’ connection must leave the Tor network at the last stage of the journey to get to the page on the regular World Wide Web.

The launch of the Guardian onion service means that the entire communication path between the reader and the Guardian occurs within the Tor network, eliminating the potential risk of “jumping” between the Tor network and the World Wide Web. An example of such a risk is that an “exit node” – the gateway between the normal web and the Tor network – could contain malware or be located on a censored site.

Our Onion Service also enhances anonymity in other ways. We hope to reduce digital navigation gestures left by reader activity that can help malicious actors identify. Guardian Onion Service users cannot create Guardian accounts or log into their existing accounts (if they have one). The Website does not contain advertisements for third parties or share information with third parties.

Our Onion service also disables scripts that normally run in readers’ browsers. Some Tor users already disable scripts for security reasons. By disabling it for all users of our onion site, we hope to ensure that everyone gets the same experience and protection. This should also help the performance of the Tor network, which is usually much slower than traditional web browsing because the Tor network relies on volunteers to donate bandwidth. We hope that the recent server-side display stage will provide a good user experience on our onion site. However, some complex interactive content may not work efficiently.

If you’re already accessing https://www.theguardian.com using the Tor Project’s Tor browser, you should now see a message in your browser’s address bar that says “.onion is available”. This gives you the option to use the Guardian onion service instead.

Since 2014, the Guardian has published a SecureDrop website as an onion service to enable whistleblowers to contact them securely. More information about the SecureDrop onion service can be found here.

For more information on the Tor network, visit https://www.torproject.org/.